Why the Xbox 360 will win the console war

CNET Writer, Don Reisinger Writes: "Lately, there has been a considerable amount of discussion on which console will win this generation's war. Will it be the Wii with its established base and strong sales? Will it be the Xbox 360 with its steady growth? Or will it be the Playstation 3 with its strong sales over the past few months?"

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Kaz Hirai3814d ago

AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! !!!! *Can't breathe* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! !! *Literally begins crying with laughter*
I have to hand it to you PIGS- You always know how to make King Kaz laugh! AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

35 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


eagle213814d ago

He also thinks the ??? will win this generation? LMAO.

Nintendo and Sony have no need to worry what-so-ever. :)

I knew it was old, sad Don. I didn't even read this waste of time. :)

Sir Ken Kutaragi3814d ago

...Then he woke-up!!! ;-D It was just a DREAM!!! ;-D

Did 'pp' write that??? ;-D (Strange how his Bubbles never go down???) Hmm

PMR_213814d ago


i must agree, this is straight bullsh*t

yesah3813d ago

Fanboy article. XBL is better then PSN, honestly thats bull.

Jack Meahoffer3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )


"Fanboy article. XBL is better then PSN, honestly thats bull."

Can you private chat and message friends playing any game on PSN?

-NO! Oh thats right... Its coming... Someday no one knows.

Did COD4, R6V2, TF2 and GTA IV require a patch a week after launch to fix multiplayer on XBL?

-NO! There is no question the unorganized third party hosted free service Sony has setup is a massive failure. If $1 a week is too much for you get a job you hippy. Yeah there have been problems but so has PSN every single time they post something new. Store relaunch? Oh images don't load for 3 weeks. New demo posted on Thursday? Oh takes over an hour to download...

Can you rent movies from the PSN store?

- NO! And don't give me that "Its compressed video Bluray is better" crap because convenance is nice as an option. And we all know at some point Sony will finally delivery movie rentals and they'll be compressed as well just like Direct TV, Comcast or any other HD content provider in the world besides physical media.

All you Sony fanboy one console owning defenders have been throughly owned. Now press the disagree button and go cry. Maybe reply and throw out RROD or something. You got nothing. By sticking to just the PS3 you are missing out horribly.

ZeroXMD3813d ago

Funny, you guys constantly say "one console owning" yet all you do is shill for MS and only own one console yourselves. In the real world, not the tard world you dumbasses live in, we call that hypocracy. that's why you tards are stuck in the open zone with all the other xbots. You wouldn't know what being a gamer, not a fanboy, was if you were forced to be one. So go on, continue your stupid hypocritical comments, or, do us all a favor and go play in traffic.

resistance1003813d ago

'did 'pp' write that??? ;-D (Strange how his Bubbles never go down???) Hmm'

Its because they are all the same person, using multiple accounts they give each other bubbles.

Pain3813d ago


MAN its been a funny morning all this M$ FUD left and right..... GTA 4 is Over and So is M$ now they craping them self's making all this Crap FUD news Up... way funny.


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rucky3814d ago

CNET affiliated with Gamespot. Nuff said

Condoleezza Rice3814d ago

I stopped going to Cnet/GameSpot for my tech and game reviews a looooong time ago,nothing but Flame Bait over there

Fishy Fingers3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

CNET is great for tech (hardware) reviews and downloads. Say what you want about their bias when it comes to the consoles. It's a good, well funded, recognized site.

Now allow YOUR console bias to go ahead and disagree with me.

sonarus3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Just because one site doesn't agree with your console of choice as champion or takes a shot at ps3 from time to time doesn't mean you should cast them aside as biased...unless off course it becomes a recurring thing. (cough *kotaku*)

I am surprised Cnet would say a thing like this considering PS3 is constantly entering most wanted gadget list on their site. Overall though the article pretty much fails.

BulletToothtony3814d ago

He talks about what Kaz Hirai said and the 10 year plan... what tha hell is he going on about??

If he says that the 360 is gonna win then tell me how??

He mention Ps3 may have mgs4, littlebigplanet, Grand Turismo, Killzone2... "but the 360 still has a stronger lineup"?????

well tell me which games??? he doesn't mention the games because he's just hoping people who have no knowledge on games may just believe him for the reputation that they have in reviewing electronics..

but come on... how can someone just straight up lie and be in that much denial...

the only reason why i love these type of "blogs" it's because little by little these haters get crushed by the growing ps3 sellings and the better games we're getting, and even thou they hate the ps3 so much there's nothing they can do to stop it

Palodios3814d ago

Its a biased article when you only point out the goods, and completely ignore the bad. Seriously, talking about Sony's online and forgetting to mention home is just ridiculous. He makes a lot of the usual points, the 360 has good games, it has good online. Yes, that's all good and true, genji tales of the blade isn't quite as good as Gears of War, but haven't we heard all of these points before?

thebadrash3814d ago

...actually, I disagree. CNET's reviews aren't that hot and I often pick up more than a whiff of interest in the way they often push particular products. Actually, I work in the same industry and CNET is not that well regarded when it comes to quality of writing and editorial independence.

What happened at Gamespot last year (the whole incident was apparently a part of CNET's policy of 'shaping content' to appease advertisers), is enough evidence for me that they are not a reliable source for reviews or opinion.

prunchess3814d ago

How on earth could they keep any credibility with articles like that? This is just an attempt to get a few extra hits on their site. Sad, very sad....

Fishy Fingers3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Ok, yeah that's fine. But while it might not be the greatest review site around it does pretty much anything. Lets say a Blutooth headset you wanna know about, I pretty much guarantee CNET will have it covered and even if you don't enjoy their own opinion, there is always a host of user comments which you can draw your "unbiased" information form.

I'm not suggesting it's THE site to use, personally I wouldn't use it for any major purchases (GPU stuff like that) but that's because I wont more in depth information (benchmarks etc), Joe Bloggs in the street doesn't require that leave of detail, they just what the "jist" of it and a score from 1 - 10, for that CNET does the job (IMO).

Anything but Cute3814d ago

"360 will win cause it has better games man"

Funny, cause the only killer exclusive that we know of left for XBOX 360 is Gears of War 2.

AceLuby3814d ago

"Although Sony has Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, and Little Big Planet, the Xbox 360 lineup of games overall is much stronger."


zapass3814d ago

they don't have to be right,
they just have to generate ad revenue.

if bullsh!t is what drives people to their site, then bullsh!t is what they'll serve.

ZeroXMD3814d ago

the crappy way he put it. Comeon, there is tons of better ways he could have written that article.

Stupid Sentences:

If nothing else, Sony has shown that it will continue to cling to its outdated business model hoping for a redux of the 1990s, (what? Compared to psn, live has you paying for being able to communicate better with your friends. Does this guy apparantly like paying to play online, because I don't. Seriously, i'm going to stretch my 4 free live trials as long as I can)

Now we just need to sit back and wait for it to happen. (no comment xcept ROFLMAO)

Are Nintendo and Sony really willing to forego that opportunity and surrender to Microsoft? It certainly looks that way. (again, ROFLMAO. because they don't want to charge people, who already bought the consoles and pay up to 70 a month for their internet, more to play online)

To make matters worse, the company's (nintendo) online roadmap is practically forgotten and it seems like it's more focused on "innovation in gaming" than anything else. That's a mistake.
(Umm......was this guy not around when nintendo said that they aren't trying to compete with MS or Sony?)

In other words, Sony's online experience will continue to stink. (Um...the only problems i've had with PSN is with GTA4 and that is when the leader quits when the room is full and everyone has to find a new one. That, IMO, is rockstar's shtty way they had the online system work. COD4, Unreal, Timeshift, and all the others I've played online have worked JUST FINE. Plus, and this IS relevant, so F U anyone who says "rofl, wait b3yond". Home IS comming and the online will be better than it is now when It does. So continue to sink is the stupidest thing i've heard)

Let's face it -- wouldn't you rather play GTA IV on Xbox Live? (My roommate has 4 and live and i've played both. THe only difference is more ppl with mics on live. So Faliure again on his part (plus that is just a bias statement, no matter live's quality))

Although Sony has Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, and Little Big Planet, the Xbox 360 lineup of games overall is much stronger. (he's either being vague as hell or being stupid as hell. If he's meaning past games, he's got a decent, and his only, point. If he's meaning future titles, Gears 2 (especially comming out only 2 years after the first, which is kind of a rush for a AAA game series) can't compete with all of those. You can say all you want about sony's delays, but too human has taken longer than constipation. I saw gameplay trailers back in early 06.)

You can say all you want and then some, this article was bias. All of you xboys who say different are just showing your own bias. There are tons of better ways he could have made that article, but no, he chose the most obviously bias route. Just so you guys know, you can take bubbles or add them for me, i don't really care about it. I'm here to make points, not vye for popularity.

JasonXE3814d ago

overall lineup of games (06-08) and not just whats coming out in 2008. In that retrospective he is absolutely right.

rawg3814d ago

"Sony's strong growth is the result of a lower hardware price, which is allowing it to catch up to the pack."

The PS3 lowered its price but it's still the most expensive console in the pack so the author's statement makes no sense

This could have been written by any of the fanboys on this site. Waste of time.

CrazzyMan3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

YES, indeed, Sony and 3rd parties are taking too much time before releasing their AA hits like:
MGS4, FFXIII, GT5, KZ2, R2, M:PR, 8 days, Heavy Rain, Infamous, L.A.Noire, Getaway3, WKS, LBP, Team Ico, FFXIIIv, GoW3, Naruto, Afrika, Tekken6, Wardevil and possible announces like SO4 and KH3.

BUT, these games will be reelased soon or later, and most in next 12 month. You just` CAN`T ignore these games, because gamers WON`T. These games will make mlns. people to buy ps3 over the world.

AND if you think that people don`t care about these games, then just look at GT5Prologue sales, it already reached over 1,5 mln.! And that is not a full game.

PS3 is doomed for be Number 1. Because of BIG exclusives, that many mlns gamers from 125 mln. PS2 userbase care.

THIS is how meant to be, you can stay in denial, but this will change nothing. I can`t see any normal GAMER, which will ignore PS3 bundle with FFXIII, KZ2 or GT5 for 299$/euro. The real reliable NEXTGEN experience for 299$ with FREE online.

LJWooly3814d ago

Yet another article we should bookmark, so we can point and laugh heartily at it later.

cmrbe3814d ago

What games for the x360 are you referring too for 2009?. Of the top of my head these are the games coming out for PS3 2009 and beyond. GT5, KZ2,GOW3,FF13,FF Versus,ICO team game, SOCOM. These are just the proven exclusives. This does not include other games from this gen like Uncharted 2, Infamous, Wardevil, HS2, 8 days, Getaway 3 etc.

Seriously, do you really think NG2, Too Human, L4D, Alan Wake, Warhound, Project offset, Halo wars, Gear2 will have a chance to win over the PS2 fanbase compare to the PS3 lineup?.

JasonXE3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

"What games for the x360 are you referring too for 2009?. Of the top of my head these are the games coming out for PS3 2009 and beyond. GT5, KZ2,GOW3,FF13,FF Versus,ICO team game, SOCOM. These are just the proven exclusives. This does not include other games from this gen like Uncharted 2, Infamous, Wardevil, HS2, 8 days, Getaway 3 etc.

Seriously, do you really think NG2, Too Human, L4D, Alan Wake, Warhound, Project offset, Halo wars, Gear2 will have a chance to win over the PS2 fanbase compare to the PS3 lineup?."

Kind of leading off the topic i was referring to but i will answer.

At the rate of growth is seems that the wii is taking the majority of the ps2 fanbase which was casual/dvd owners non gamers. Also with kz2 and ffxi coming out in 2009, that only leaves mgs4 and resistance 2 (if you can call r2 that yet) as the heavy hitters. Gears 2, Fable 2 is enough with other solid games to compete this year. 2009 Is a different story with lots of unknown projects/unannounce tit;es being revealed at E3 so I will reserve judgement on 09 till that day but definitly looks good for sony with those two being held till 09.

waltercross3814d ago

Actually Wii did not take any fanbase, Wii targets
a Different type of player, the casual player, PS2
and PS3 usually is for hardcore gamers, so most
people who buy a PS3 will be hardcore gamers, Like
people who own a PS2 or 360.

callahan093813d ago


At the link is a fully objective analysis of all Wii, PS3, and 360 games. Yes, I'm responsible for the gathering of this data, but I assure you it is 100% accurate and without bias or alteration from the source.

PS3 has far fewer games than the 360, but the majority of the extra games on the 360 platform are either a) schlock, or b) outdated. When looking at the list of 360 games rated above 80%, you'll see a disproportionate number of previous-year sports titles and racing games, as well as a slew of early 360 games that had the benefit of being the first "next-gen" games on the market, and in my opinion were rated more favorably than they would be if rated today (to name names: Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Saints Row, and others).

Among the highly-reviewed games on the 360 that are not on PS3, there are a whole bunch that are available for other systems: Mass Effect, Gears of War, and Bioshock are all available for the PC. Guitar Hero 2, one of the 360's highest rated games, is available on the PS2. And there are plenty others. If you're talking about the specific games that are on 360 and PS3 that can ONLY be played on their respective machines, I see the PS3 as having the leg up, even now. The top 5 exclusives are:

PS3: 1)Uncharted, 2)Ratchet & Clank, 3)Resistance, 4)Disgaea 3, 5)Warhawk

360: 1)Halo 3, 2)Forza 2, 3)Project Gotham 3, 4)Dead or Alive 4, 5)Dead Rising

If you don't like the spin of not counting PC-released 360 "exclusives" as truly exclusive, then just peruse the list, and even including those in the argument for 360, the 360 still doesn't have that much better of a library than the PS3, considering its full year head start. And I'm very impressed with the prospects of playing MGS 4, Valkyria Chronicle, Final Fantasy XIII, Little Big Planet, God of War 3, Resistance 2, Socom, Killzone 2, Star Ocean 4, new games from Team Ico, Naughty Dog, and Insomniac, etc... that's more games I'm interested in and I want to play them more so than I'm excited to play Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Gears of War 2, Tales of Vesperia and Halo Wars.

BUT! Does any of this current line-up, average review score, future line-up, etc. matter? We're talking about which console will win by selling the most. Well, the guy who wrote the article in question also said: "Sony's strong growth is the result of a lower hardware price." Uh... No sir. Sony's hardware costs the most. And the 360 has had more recent price drops than the PS3. The PS3 in Europe is vastly more expensive than the 360, and yet it still outsells the 360 over there. It is regularly in pace with the 360 in America, sometimes slightly outselling it, sometimes being slightly outsold by it, but mostly being pretty even. But estimates put the PS3 at selling 75,000+ more consoles than 360 every single week, worldwide, and that's at a significantly higher price with an admittedly more limited library of games.

So, as the library grows and the quality improves, as Sony continues to add more features to the PS3 through their continued efforts with firmware updates, as the PS3 has price drops in the future, I think you're going to see the PS3 pull out way ahead of the 360. I just can't really see anything pushing the 360 to do any better than it's already doing, but I see lots of things in the future that'll make the PS3 do much better than it's already impressive performance.

(Note: Unfortunately, there are a couple of flukes because I created a program to gather the data for me, rather than doing it manually. As a result, it's completely error-free in all regards and in all instances of the mathematics, but the exclusivity of certain games is somewhat off, because it's dependent on's listings. They list Ninja Gaiden Sigma as exclusive, though personally I don't believe that, because it's basically the same game as what's on Xbox. Also, they do not count Saints Row as exclusive on 360 because there's a mobile phone version. However, I'd call it exclusive, because the mobile phone version is drastically different, obviously. These flukes are rare and insignificant, but please be aware of them.)

n to the b3813d ago

"Sony's strong growth is the result of a lower hardware price" meaning sony lowered the price in a general sense, not claiming it's the lowest of 3.

godofthunder103813d ago

i have to disagree.i have a 360 and i love it but i think that the ps3 will could also say that microsoft will win because they did what they wanted,they have a bigger share of the market then they had before and sony lost a little.the ps3 will sell more then the 360 in the long run because they said that the ps3 will last 10 years(i dout it).if the ps3 last 10 years it will hurt sony in the long run.people like to have the newest electronic products on the market especially game systems and when microsoft release the new xbox in 2 to 3 years it want have and competition and it will be the most powerful console on the market and it will sell like crazy.
people will argue that the ps3 will still be the most powerful console in the next 2 to 3 years and some thinks that the ps3 will still be the most powerful console in 10 years even if new systems are released.the truth is that tecnology involes a lot faster then it did when the ps2 was released.there isn't even one electronic product that isn't outdated in 2 to 3 years after they are released.i bet that microsoft is already working on a system that is more powerful then the ps3 right now and it will be released in the next few years and sony is working on one right now to.i bet that sony will release the new ps right after the new xbox is released because if they don't it will be suicide because they know that they can't just let microsoft catch up with will still have the ps3 around for 10 years like they said but they will have a new one and still sell the ps3 like they are doing with the ps2.

callahan093813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Aaah what's the use. I make a rational well-informed analysis and only inject my opinion in ever so subtly, and I come up with disagreement and no agreement. I should've guessed.

Look, there are just plain and simply MORE exclusives on the horizon for the PS3, and more that are going to be system sellers. I call this my own subtle opinion, but anybody who disagrees with it, you better come out with your rationalization, because hitting "disagree" ain't gonna make it so. MGS4, Final Fantasy XIII, and God of War 3 are more AAA-status titles than anything coming out for the 360. The future belongs to PS3 from what I can guess. Now, I'm not suggesting that the 360 will start to fail. The 360 has a bunch of games coming up that I want to play, which I mentioned in my above post. But none of them will be as ground-breaking or as massive as some of the PS3 exclusives coming up.

Also, I stand by my argument that a lot of the 360's high-rated games don't actually add any value to the system's library. Why would I play Saints Row when there's GTA IV? Call of Duty 2 now that we have Call of Duty 4? Project Gotham 3 when we have PG 4? Burnout Revenge when we have Burnout Paradise? Ghost Recon AW 1 when there's Ghost Recon AW 2? NBA 2k7 when there's NBA 2k8? Countless other sports and racing games (Need for Speed series, Tony Hawk series, Madden, NCAA, etc.).

And I stand my by statement that Kameo was over-rated, and Perfect Dark Zero. Neither one of them was very good, and when you compare them to games that have come out since, they really just arent even worth it. I bought both of them for less than 15 bucks and promptly re-sold them because I just didn't like anything about either one of them. I think this is a prominent thing with the 360's library: it is perceived as having a lot more great games, because of GameRankings's averages & so forth, but really a lot of them are just out-dated, or reviewers were biased to their favor because they were so shiny & new looking in 2005 when the 360 first came out that they didn't recognize how crappy the gameplay was.

potenquatro3813d ago

isn't wii wining by much that is basically safe and uncatchable. and why are people bringing up ps3. it's not like they're gonna sell more than the wii. useless article and everybody fell for it.

samfk3813d ago

i bought a ps3 at launch and was promised HOME by the end of the year and other lies! now i own a 360 also . and i dont care what any1 says 360 is far superior online . trust me i want sony to catch up cus its alot of money to spend. i just want the hype 2 stop and online service that is equal if not better than microsofts!!

samfk3813d ago

its just a gimmicky controller with a gamecube heart but jo public love it cus its "kool" if it wins the console war which who knows it cud.i fear for consoles future!its a step backwards. i want proper next gen not bowling balls and a set of scales telling me my weight etc.course the main selling point was price because people WONT SPEND THAT ON A CONSOLE!yet the scales(wii fit )cough is 69 pound.

RJ20003813d ago

Theres still a war?? WTF? Pretty sure no one cares any more. Over have the people here probably have both systems...

Rock Bottom3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Ok, so the 360 gonna win because PS3 and the Wii gonna suck?

I should consider being writer, I am sure MS will have extra money to pay me no matter how sucky my writings are.

gaffyh3813d ago

This article is so biased as expected, but it's also full of fanboy opinions:

"Although Sony has Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, and Little Big Planet, the Xbox 360 lineup of games overall is much stronger."

^ I can't think of one game coming out on 360 this year or next year that is better than MGS4. Let alone GT5 and LBP.

adalwolfe3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

I agree with the article

age of conan is a 360 exclusive that i feel blows everything sony has to offer this year away.. I am pretty tired of the standard fps's, cod4, halo3, rainbow 6 are great.. but i am really not interested in resistance and killzone, they look very repetitive and uninspired and the AI looks awful - having more players in multiplayer does not make a game better, you just need to look at frontlines to see why. GT prologue was horrible compared to forza racing.. it didn't even compete.. after that what does the ps3 have? mgs4.. is it worth buying a system for just mgs4? i don't think so.. I didn't even like mgs3..

360's diversifying its game genres this year and I am happy with that.. fable2, too human, ninja gaiden 2, sp conviction, a bunch of RTS's, gta dlc, and few high profile mmorpgs (huxley, aoc).. as well as some extra shooters like gears 2, and operation flashpoint 2.. not to mention the launch of XNA where programmers will have their break an be able to make their own games.

360 has great titles coming, and a lot of potential.. ps3 has good titles as well, but not enough to bring itself out of last place.. mgs is its only truely unique game

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gamesR4fun3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

what else can i say heh no games on the ps3 and sucky online ya right no mention of rrod eh or the fact you need to pay for laggy onine eh ya sure the 360 is posed to win lmao

Now wii on the other hand he dismisses tho its way in the lead lol man is this looser getting paid by ms or what?

Stubacca3814d ago

I think he dismisses the wii because although extremely successful in console sales, it has no lasting appeal. But so far, it is winning this war.

Is it a war? I think it's more like a b*tching session. If it was a war, then the PS3 definately has the technology to win it!

thebadrash3814d ago

the Wii's not exactly of this generation, is it? I mean it came out around the same time but it's really a very different product to xbox360 and PS3. Plus, the long-awaited Mario Kart Wii has been quite a let-down, according to friends who have it.

The Lazy One3814d ago

I've been using xbl since it was released. I have had nearly zero problems with lag whatsoever.

I hit maybe 1 game a night where the game will lag, but most developers are doing a great job of network coding for P2P right now as far as host choice etc. goes. The difference is completely minimal 9 out of 10 times.

gamesR4fun3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Cool man glad to hear your getting your moneys worth Ive got a couple friends with 360's and Ive seen quite a bit of lag on the games Ive tried but Ive heard others say there onlines pretty tight. It may have more to do with our local crappy internet service but here the ps3 is much more solid online.

From the feedback tho Id say most of can see this 'news' is more than a little biased. No one can say that the ps3 doesnt have a great line up of games especially with its strong exclusives to say that the 360 wins by virtue of its stronger games is sic. But we've seen a lot of this kind of viral marketing by ms in the past hopefully that knowledge will become common enough to shut down sell outs like the author of this article...

wow4u3814d ago

"no mention of rrod"

It was fixed mid-2007, and any problem is fixed for free. NOt really an issue except to Sony FUD spreaders.

"or the fact you need to pay for laggy onine"

A) There is no lag - you're talking smack.
B) $50 a year for the premier online service? Yes, no problem. Happy to pay, no problem.

badz1493814d ago

that's is why 360 will still get RRoD and they will never fix the issue! I don't understand people buying and have the seller to tell you "You'll probably get a RRoD but don't worry, M$ will fix it for you FOC under this 3 years warranty"!! even it's indeed free, this is not suppose to happen people! how can it even be tolerated?

but whatever! I think you prefer the free fix rather than a free online! at the time your 360 is being fixed for free, I'm playing my games online on my PS3 for free! see? bragging about a free RRoD fix is not even cool but rather foolish! FOOLS!!

StrawHatKid3814d ago

The 3 year warranty is only for the first time your console breaks. Microsoft kept shortening my warranties for every replaced 360 down to 3 months. My last one broke after four months so now I have to pay 90 dollars to get it fixed. I bought it a year ago so im pissed.

n to the b3813d ago

no sorry I disagree. only have 360 and I'm starting to get mighty p1$$ed at my 3rd - or is it 4th now? - machine freezing up outright on some games (wish I could keep working at those mass effect achievements) and now when I use the xmedia blades also freezing so that I have to power off and on again multiple times just to try and sign in sometimes. I bought at gamestop and they wouldn't let me warranty this last replacement, they're not doing it anymore so now I'm f*ck3d as my system slowly degrades to RROD. do you get me? you're lucky you apparently haven't had these problems but as for me I shouldn't HAVE to know that I'm already careening toward another RROD, because, you know, I've gone through enough systems that I'm getting the hang of this crap. very frustrating.

gamesR4fun3813d ago

hes just another incarnation of POG doubt it even plays games...

rrod fixed lmao still dont understand how they can keep making defective consoles so late in the game but defective they are. As for paying 50 bucks why when i can get a better quality service for free... Im talking dedicated servers worldwide for the games i love to play lag free. Sure the 360 has some things id like but nothing worth the price of a brand new game every year...

Keowrath3813d ago

GamesR4fun, I'm thinking it's actually Wageslave in N4users/Wow4u's shoes. The way he tries to convince people with the usual M$ bullshit (I rememeber Wageslave last year putting up loads of links saying the RRoD was fixed when clearly it wasn't.) Also the way he follows Metacritic like a little lost sheep is very similar to Wageslaves mindless rantings.

They seem very similar, enough so to put on ignore, at least until they manage to form their own opinion without being told what to do by M$ or Metacritic. Don't hold your breath.

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toughNAME3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

The better console will lose the war.

Ace Ventura3814d ago

lol wrong. PS3 will be in the lead by next year, EASY.

toughNAME3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

it's one of my more tricky ones, try again

EDIT - click you username, edit user profile, change user name (first thing) they're gunna stop allowing people to change it so do it ASAP

sonarus3814d ago

lol i want to change my name too. How did you do it?

eagle213814d ago

At least not this generation. And judging from the lessons learned of this generation, I think Sony and Nintendo will be #1 or #2 next generation too. :)