A New Theory: Maybe Reviewers Don't Really Need To Finish Games

MTV Multiplayer writes: "I'm ready to have my mind changed about anything that I've long held to be true.

Such changes can occur at any time, as happened earlier this week when a reader began to convince me that today's seemingly generous game reviewers actually dole out too few perfect scores.

Another core tenet I'm at least considering abandoning: the belief that game reviewers need to finish games.

I'm not comfortable changing my mind about this. I happily finish the games that I think are important. That means I finish a lot of games each year, even though I don't review any of them. And if I didn't finish, say, "Metroid Prime 3" or "The Phantom Hourglass," what would I know of each game's major final-hours gameplay twists? How could I talk confidently about "Mass Effect" without having triggered at least one of its endings? How else would I know that the fantastic "BioShock" stumbles to the finish line, a failing worthy of a penalty?"

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THE_JUDGE3867d ago

the game to know how good it is then theres a good chance that its not worth the time to finish. I don't know if I could finish some lame game just to be able give it a full review.

Cyrus3653867d ago

Well do movie critics go well this movie sucks, I'm leaving half way through, and write it on the basis of that...saying I don't need to see any further to say this movie sucks..or vice versa...