TVG: Iron Man Review - SEGA's adaptation of the hit blockbuster movie fails to offer anything 'super'

TVG writes: "Based around the surprisingly satisfactory blockbuster movie starring Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Palwtrow, we certainly didn't expect to see SEGA joining the superhero movie adaptations bandwagon typically monopolised by Activision and Marvel.

Enlisting the skills of Secret Level, Iron Man pits itself as an uninspired third-person shooter gracing every popular format. The story closely follows the plotline of the film, although in true movie-adaptation tradition, Iron Man offers a handful of characters and extras from the comic universe that didn't feature in the film.

Recreating the dives, hovers, and swoops of Iron Man's shiny suit of armour, Secret Level has opted for a control method that quite frankly leaves you feeling anything but a superhero. Using a combination of shoulder and bumper buttons to switch between hovering menacingly above the land and zooming off into the horizon, Iron Man's first flaw is the unnecessarily fussy need to carefully use half pulls on the shoulder trigger to maintain a hovering position. Chuck in the clunky camera and controls on the thumbsticks and you're left with a fundamentally messy setup that instantly creates a barrier to enjoying anything the game offers."

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