Win a BMW by playing GRID demo

Codemasters has announced the immediate availability of a Race Driver: GRID playable demo for Xbox 360, with the PS3 demo set to go live later today.

The demo features a selection of race events to try out, including racing a Ford Mustang GT-R on the streets of San Francisco in the eBay Motors Muscle Cup, taking control of a Nissan S15 Silvia in the Advan Drift Trophy at Yokohama Docks, and getting behind the wheel of a BMW 320si touring car around the hairpins of the Jarama circuit in Spain.

The demo also features 12-player online support for competitions at the European and US locations.

Most exciting though is the Pan-European Fastest Lap Challenge which is offering players the chance to win a BMW 3-Series. To participate, players must submit their fastest European Time Trial lap time on the Jarama track.

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