iOS Game Skydrift may land on PS Vita in the Future

Developer Tyson Kubota took to Reddit to both announce, and gauge the demand for a port of his independently developed and free iOS title; Skydrift. Kubota is currently involved with Digital Development and Design at renowned film-distribution company, The Criterion Collection, but also released the self-crafted the recently released title in his spare-time.

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Top 10 Download Only Hidden Gems on PlayStation 3 - Reasons to dust off your console

A.J. says: "As Sony's first system capable of downloading games, the PlayStation 3 sure had a phenomenal library. Here, I count down ten buried treasures that you may not have heard of but are worth playing before you put your PS3 on Craigslist."

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crazyaejay2807d ago

I remember Puzzlegeddon! Played that game for hours. Love it.

PhoenixUp2807d ago

These really are hidden. I've never heard of any of them


Kalypso Publisher Sale Hits Green Man Gaming

Hardcore Gamer: Kalypso has put out a ton of stuff on PC, and now Green Man Gaming has a 24 hour sale on their catalog.

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It's A Bit Like... Mario Kart 8

Fans of the Mario Kart series are no doubt excited about the latest installment. But for those wanting more, here's a collection of indie alternatives.

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Jdoki3642d ago

A track editor would have been awesome in MK8, I'd have also settled for procedurally generated tracks that could be saved for future races.

Nice to see some alternatives for other platforms, but I've never played a Kart game that can match the feel of MK!

The nearest I've got is the recent Sonic titles, but they are not quite there (but fun) - and I'd love to see a Mario / Sonic Kart cross-over - if they could do it for the Olympics games, why not MK! As lonmg as it was made by the team responsible for MK8! :)

TheIndieMine3641d ago

I know what you mean. MK will always remain the basis for comparison. I did really enjoy Diddy Kong Racing back in the day, though.