Ninja Gaiden II exclusive costumes revealed

Microsoft have today revealed that downloadable costumes will be released for Ninja Gaiden II in July.

The first of the 3 costume pack designs has been revealed today. This will be exclusively available in selected countries to 39,000 gamers on launch day as part of pre-sale or launch promotions with specific European retail partners. Look for more details on other two designs and specific country promotions to be revealed in the coming weeks. Go to or your favorite retailer to pre-order Ninja Gaiden II today!"

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Fishy Fingers3813d ago

Wouldn't wanna bump into that dude on a dark night. Mad GGrrr!!

Skerj3813d ago

That costume instantly wins the game.

Tetsuryu3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

Yes it does, it's too bad Sigma only had 2 extra costumes.

To the click and run disagreer: Sigma only had the Standard, Classic Ryuken, and Ashtar outfits.

Xi3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

now that's the type of armor designs I wanted to see in wow for the rogue class.

Doctor Strange3813d ago

I like it but why couldn't it be free.

Xi3813d ago

it's not funny, in the rich mans world...

Seriously, they want to make an extra penny or two on it and they know people will pay. Plus, it's almost like a pre-order, if you buy the costume ahead of time you're more likely to buy the full game, otherwise it's just a waste.

poopface13813d ago

Im sure that there will be free, less cool, costumes that you can unlock like the old ng games.

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