Gamedaily: Speed Racer Review

Gamedaily writes: "Playing Speed Racer: The Videogame, based on the upcoming Speed Racer film,, reminds us of how bad we want a new F-Zero. That's because it lacks the robust career mode and diverse tracks from Nintendo's arcade series. On its own, however, this is a competent racing game that serves as a decent companion to the eye-popping film, offering several hours of fun despite its faults.

Most movie-based video games try too hard to follow plots, often sacrificing gameplay for awful cut scenes and wooden voice acting. Speed Racer ditches the film's narrative in exchange for white-knuckle arcade racing, and in this respect, it succeeds. You select from 19 different racers (including Speed Racer and Trixie, voiced by Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci, respectively) and then race a series of multicolored tracks, each of which features impressive loops and winding turns. Bathed in a neon orgasm, you'll guide your T-180 muscle machine alongside 19 other competitors, hitting Speed-Up Squares and activating boost power for added speed. And in a nice twist, you can't fall off the tracks, which lets you focus more on the car combat."

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