Final Fantasy XIII Report

Discussing Customizable Characters, Battle System, and FFXIII and Versus Connections, The Final Fantasy XIII Podcast back again for May,

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Condoleezza Rice3910d ago

I remember when FF10 launched on the Ps2,it felt like Christmas had come early(literally) lol

illizit3910d ago

The only problem I had with FF10 was that it did not have a world map. I don't like RPG's that are too linear. Give me a FF7 remake or sequel and THEN it will be christmas! lol.

heyheyhey3910d ago

FFX was one of the best RPG's.. nay, GAME ever to be made

it was just amazing

linear, but goddamn sweet

kewlkat0073910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

"Lost Odyssey" is as close as it has come, since that game.(seriously)

I'm gonna go with "History" here. My PS3 was partially bought because of the PS's Jrpg nature, which has been a disappointment up till now. Not to worry, I've been getting my W/Jrpg fix on Xbox 360 though.

All the (first) "Final Fantasies" coming out on a "Next-Gen" console have been Great, if you ask me. I do not doubt this game will. The last one that was great, which came out at the end of the consoles "life-cycle" was the one on Super Nintendo FF6. FF12 just didn't do it for me.

Personally, up till FFX, I have not really enjoyed any of the new Final Fantasies. I still have FF12 and have not yet finished it.(still trying to find a reason to go back)

What does that have in common, All the "TOP SELLING" FF's were all or have been "Turn-Base" combat.(something we now called old-school). In fact, I wouldn't mind an RPG that gives you an Option for Action-based/Turn-based combat but as we know Square Enix sets the standard. They could easily go back to turn-based and Japanese games would buy it but we westerners have gotten used to Western RPG style.

So I have no doubt, this game will be good, as well as a console seller.(just watch japan go crazy). Is till wonder, about the game mechanics, I need to know more, besides that, it will be a good looking game. Will it be like Final Fantasy 12?

No way I'm saying this game will be the best in the Series, just because it's on better hardware. Since everyone is still waiting for something like "Final Fantasy VII"-like game. If you take a look at what "FFVII" did,(Story, graphics, music, FMV), how do you compare it to today style of Jrpg? Everything will have to be on par.

Kain813910d ago


gaffyh3910d ago

Is there a possible release date for this game yet? Cos I can see this going on into 2010 and I really don't want that to happen

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BilI Gates3910d ago

It's going to be the best Final Fantasy game in the series yet.

Some of you might not know this so I'll tell you. XIII is being developed by the team that did Final Fantasy X. :)

Nathaniel_Drake3910d ago

Wait, did the FF 8 team work on FF 13 too, or is the FF 8 team also the FF 10 team

Finalfantasykid3910d ago

The list of the main developers along with their previous projects can be found here.

SUP3R3910d ago

It's literally all the classic FF directors and programmers that are working on XIII.
Boy oh boy I am gonna enjoy this.

Honolulu3910d ago

I'm more excited about there being key-contributers from FF6 and 7 working on the title, both on gameplay and directing.

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TheEndzor3910d ago

This is looking to be the best FF yet

This game is one of the many reasons i bought a Ps3

SullyDrake3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

This is a system seller... I can tell you that because I have a PS3 and I am getting FFXIII, and my girlfriend still wants her own PS3 and copy of FFXIII... So imagine how the 360/Wii FF fans feel.

Thanks for the info Gates; I think 10 was the best overall... I think VIII had my favorite story, and XII had my favorite gameplay, but X was great both ways.

I hope XII is open-world like XII, not so linear like X, and costomizable characters sounds great... I mean, this time, when I change suits of armor, I want to notice a visual difference.

squallsoft3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

...i hope they return back to the days of ATB. I enjoyed 12, but i LOVED the battle system from X ALOT. It will also be cool to see if they can get the cinematic look from Advent Children into a turned base system. Imagine the possibilities! Watch out WRPGs (Oblivion, Mass Effect), the JRPG (Final Fantasy) is on the prowl to regain the RPG King crown! XD


heyheyhey3910d ago

nah, leave that to Dragon Quest

its time to move on

judging by the trailer and the scans in magazines that i read, FF13 will have a fluid, almost action-like battle system that allows you to pre-program moves and select them on the fly

which sounds very nice

Alexander Roy3910d ago

... right. One reason I love(oldschool) JRPGS so much is the turn based system. I don't care about random encounters (as long as they are not as annoyingly often as in Skies of Arcadia), altghough I prefer the way FFXII did it. If they make this game use the ATB system... I'll be the first one to queue up for it.

PLiPhaze3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

But can't we go back to ATB for just one game.... Please....??!!
Or maybe (probably impossible) a system to choose ATB or Open, but XIII is looking sweet in it's current battle style

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