Ad confirms exclusive Gears of War 2 Gameplay footage for SpikeTV

Saturday May 10th at 1am (Friday night) on SpikeTV the tv show for will be premiering the first ever Gears of War 2 footage. To watch the ad for the trailer simply follow the link and tune in for the action.

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Condoleezza Rice3911d ago

But either way,I can't wait for this;if GeOW 2 is at 60FPS on the Xbox 360 then it might be time to look into pre-ordering this game

xTHRASHx3911d ago

gametrailers says this is the first footage that will be shown. Ya i preordered Gears 2 already, im so psyched

Ghoul3911d ago

gow was great but it didnt ran on 60 fps, how can you imagine gow2 running at 60fps with updatet graphics ??

Gunner_Ali3911d ago

Why does it have to be 60fps to be good!

shotputking3911d ago

so by 1 am on may 9th, are they referring to about 12 hours from now, or abou 36 hours from now?

xTHRASHx3911d ago

oh ya i see what you mean i edited it. hopefully that clears things up

shotputking3911d ago

well, on the bright side i won't be completely useless at work on friday due to lack of sleep.

Mr PS33911d ago

I'd be wondering what that little rise is in my pant's is after reading this!!

But i aint and thank god too and i aint wondering what that huge bulge in my pants is over the forthcoming AAA Exclusive's that's coming the PS3's way

Gears 2 is just like Halo 3

A Sh1t load of hype
A Sh1t load of excited teenage XBOT SUCKA'S
And when it all settle's down
And when it come's to the crunch
This game like Halo 3
Will not be much better than its previous installment

poopface13911d ago

halo3................ better than any game on the ps3.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3911d ago

so gears is gonna sell 8 million copies also?

brothersimon3911d ago


If you're on about HYPE look at HAZE thats a pile of shyt for real..

I mean, it looks horrible, crappy fps and all the droids hype it up?? COME ON NOW!!!

pshizle3910d ago

because you dont have any and your controller blows for fps type games

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BeaArthur3911d ago

I want to seee some multiplayer gameplay. I liked the campaign but was not a huge fan of the multiplayer so I want to see how that looks.

BigKev453911d ago

The multiplayer was were it was at, so what'ch talking about Willis.

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The story is too old to be commented.