The 10 Most Hated Companies in America

The annual most-hated company in America list has gone live, and EA has fared a little better this time around, coming in at number 3 on the list. The last time the company was THE most hated in the U.S.

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allformats2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Well-deserved. In fact, they should be number 1 again.

Two main reason:

Forcing DICE is release a product (BF4) That's half-baked.

2: Misjudging next-gen trends, believing Xbox One would be the most popular console -- hence signing all kinds of exclusive deals with Microsoft, the biggest of which hamstring's Respawn Entertainment's game, Titanfall, by making a Xbox exclusive. Turns out PS4 is the hottest next-gen item by FAR.

Plus the company's just not good with customers.

sobotz2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Why signing partnership with Microsoft has nothing to do with "most hated company" in America. And for your information, Titanfall is NOT Xbox eclusive.. you can play it on PC, and Titanfall 2 is also gonna go multiplatform, the only thing EA has been giving Microsoft are the timed-exclusive DLCs, and timed-exclusive PvZ: Garden Warfare that gonna come to PS4 eventually.

I just don't see the point of bringing up the Sony vs Microsoft war in here.

TheGreatGamer2717d ago

I agree but i must also admit that EA did mis-calculate how next gen would go now that ps4 is selling nearly 2 to 1 xbone

Eonjay2717d ago

The decision to sign an exclusive deal hurt EA more than it hurt gamers. Plus it hurt Respawn because it limited how many gamers their new IP could reach. Not a good idea for a new franchise that you want to annualize.

georgeenoob2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


X1 sold 3 million in 13 countries, PS4 sold 4.2 million in 53 countries. Go back to school if you think that's anywhere near 2:1.

X1 also outsold PS4 the last reported week in USA.

pompombrum2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Honestly, I still think Titanfall going console exclusive for Xbox was a good move for Respawn and EA. With Microsoft being on the backfoot most of last year ever since the Xbox One unveiling, they'll be wanting to come out this year swinging for the fences. Looking at the success of Gears of War, a lot of that came down to Microsoft's relationship with Epic and them treating it like the juggernaut it once was. I can easily see Titanfall being to the Xbox One what Gears of War was to the Xbox 360. Biggest difference is that it isn't releasing Xbox One exclusive but with the right marketing, it won't be hard for Microsoft to make it appear that the Xbox One is the superior platform.

Also glad to see more EA hate, can't think of a more deserving company in the gaming industry to be hated on. Seems like a fair few major business/non gaming related websites are giving them a lot of stick these days. Also RIP Criterion Games.. another once great developer gutted by corporate cancer.

NoLongerHereCBA2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

@georgeenoob. Funny isn't it that when you are telling the truth and point out someones ignorance you get more disagrees than agrees (don't know all the details, but I know the amounts of sales are accurate if we should believe everything that had been put out)

abzdine2716d ago

as i said in an earlier post, EA doesn't give a damn about unhappy customers since they buy their game and make it into a success.
you wanna be heard and you want them to react stop buying their garbage games.

Charybdis2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Respawn approached both sony and microsoft. Microsoft was the one to offer a solution for dedicated servers. If Sony would have supported respawn, with dedicated servers, when they were approached it might have been ps4 exclusive or simply on both platforms.

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Bundi2717d ago

Why must everything be boiled down to console wars? Please take your BS elsewhere.

Also. mods, wake the fudge up, we are getting tired of this kind of BS not being moderated.

Pandamobile2717d ago

If mods started getting rid of the crappy comments on N4G, there'd be next to nothing left.

True_Samurai2717d ago

1.) Do you always have your comment pre ready so you could have the first comment? Lol

2.) With TF being on PC, X360, and X1. I believe EA is backing the right choice. PS4 being the hottest is your opinion lolz

Charybdis2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

All three releases of titanfall are making use of azure cloud services. While I believe in general the ps4 is hotter, I don't think its the main reason why its not on sony's ps4.

Imagine titanfall for the ps4 using Microsoft azure cloud services. Sony would probably not allow that so they probably would be required to rewrite or exclude their cloud tech for the ps4.

ABizzel12717d ago

The console exclusive TitanFall, was risky business move. FPS usually sell better on Xbox, and EA was trying to make TitanFall the COD / Gears of War for the next-gen consoles. The problem is the PS4 has a larger install base, and now they've just limited their audience to less than half of what it could have been on the new consoles (insane to skip PS3 as well, since it has an 80+ million user base).

The deal only helps MS and Xbox (If you have a PC you're good too, if it's your kind of game), and now EA is in a pickle, because they have to explain or find a way to get PS fans to accept TitanFall 2 when it release in 2015 - 2017. No one wants to start a game in the middle of the franchise, and it's going to be a hard sell from this point forward, simply because they chose to do an foolish deal this early in the consoles lifecycle.

Does it deserve them #3 position of most hated companies in America, No. Does it earn them a dumbest gaming business move of the year, quite possibly.


MS can't release in those other countries, because they forced Kinect integration into everything, so they have to have proper voice support for each region, not that it'll matter since PS dominates them in RoW sales anyway. Facts are Xbox does best in NA and EU, and they've been losing EU (2:1 ratio in favor of the PS4), and NA is neck and neck (PS4 still having a 150k lead).

Sony has supply restraints, because as you dais they're in multiple countries, and their Japan launch in coming up very soon, so it makes sense that they're holding stock for the Japan launch, thus there numbers dropping by 40%. The XBO has none of those issues, because they're only in as you said 13 countries so why did they drop by a 40% margin as well.

Spin as much as you want, the PS4 is about to break away from the XBO even more as soon as it hits Japan, and the main reason isn't the $100 price point, but because M$ just had to have that stupid Kinect in every box, which means they simply can't launch worldwide like Sony can, so they've basically told RoW to buy a PS4.

miyamoto2716d ago

1. Titanfall reminds me of Mass Effect.

But will it roll out the same way? I don't think so. They did not look at the long term effects of this deal. the only reason they gave in is because M$desperately needs exclusives just like in the PS3 days. First party game development is still their weakest point. And they still did not learn their lessons.

Sony and Nintendo's secret weapons against Microsoft are first party exclusives.

2. M$ put the Xbox One in a very risky situation because of it cable integration which is a big rock they have to push to set up in many countries outside USA.

Which cements the fact that Xbox One cable features is aimed at first world countries only and will be its own limitation to completely dominate.

M$ employees only think with their money not their brains.

sonic9892717d ago

well there are other companies worthy of that honor and ahhh i wont mention their names ( hint not a console manufacture or a video game company and not apple try to think bigger ) .
EA did a lots of bad things so is activision .

Retroman2716d ago

EA is on that list?? OH NOOOOOOOOO!! MR. BILL

and people still buy their games.

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Npugz72717d ago

AGS Flexitallic is by far the worst company in America!

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2717d ago

Well... that's a very minuscule improvement seeing they were the most hated 2 years running. Their games, good, their business practices... not so good.

Insomnia_842717d ago

Microsoft almost made it to that list with their doings since the XBone announcement lol

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