GTA IV 1.01 Patch Released, Freezing Not Fixed - Rockstar has patched the game but more will follow, probably

Calin Ciaba reports:

''The problem that's driving everybody mad and the Grand Theft Auto IV developers older by the hour (probably) - the freezing of Grand Theft
Auto IV - was supposed to be fixed with the latest PS3 patch released by Rockstar yesterday. However, it seems that nothing like that happened - many players were still complaining about their GTA IV freezing and didn't really understand what that 1.01 really meant.''

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SickNick853813d ago

before the patch i didn't play with online mode activated

yesterday night and today i play with online activated and i haven't any freeze

KozmoOchez3813d ago

I've been having issues and i waited in line and got it 2nd at the midnight release and was back at home before 1am

the patch fixes nothing for me and I am so close to just going back and getting my money back for this game...i actually think i am going to do that...and just wait for a while...i might just pass up on this game totally

Feihc Retsam3813d ago

Seriously... I'd be livid...

It's no RROD, but this is as bad an issue as I've heard of any single game having.

3813d ago
Panthers3813d ago

The patch fixed my loading issues. It hasnt froze once since the patch.

Niko Bellic3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

hey look, its me.

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TheWickedOne3813d ago

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, b/c it worked for me too.

Drekken3813d ago

I played ALL night with not a single online problem. I am happy.... now just for that AUTOAIM in Multiplayer bull...

SullyDrake3813d ago

That's the only thing that pissed me off... Lodging a whole clip into someones head and then getting downed with 2 bullets to the chest.

Otherwise, online rune great for me.

LOFT3163813d ago

Or just get a rocket launcher out and give em no chance

Drekken3813d ago

There are headshots. Certain weapons just dont work as good at a long range.

PimpHandHappy3813d ago

go listen to the ign GTA podcast. One guy says his 360 was freezing


im 25% and still running smooth

4D3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

What you smell is sh!t. Because you and every other SDF member stepped in it when you got the inferior, freezing, no Episodic Content, cant play online, mandatory preinstall version of GTA4. You should have bought a 360 instead of that Blu-Ray Player.

Preinstall B3yond

Edit: DomUltra. Nice new account. The only people on here that know about "waiting" is PS3 owners like yourself. See 360 owners have planty of games to play "now" and more games to look forward to in the future. What do PS3 owners have to play. A $40.00 demo??? Oh wait you have Blu-Ray, sorry I forgot. My bad. I hear Brokeback Mountain Blu-Ray edition is on sale. Is that one of the must have exclusives your waiting for???

DomUltra3813d ago

Some how all the reviewers still managed to say the PS3 is the superior version, sucks for you 4D, go play your long line up of exclusives for 08 and 09... OH WAIT LOL.

PimpHandHappy3813d ago

enjoy the world you live in

because in mine

i was able to play online no problem. I didnt play the game till a week after it came out thou. Maybe that made the difference

hey 4D

how sad is your life really?

4D3813d ago

Your the one responding to my comment. Guess that makes you an even bigger loser right??? I mean you actually take offense to my comments and go out of your way to defend your videogame console. I am here simply to piss off you idiots who swear allegiance to Sony. Maybe you need to reevaluate whats going on in your life before you question somebody else's. The fact I can get a rise out of you shows how mentally weak you are.

PimpHandHappy3812d ago

sure 4D

take your 2 bubbles and be gone

i guess your just here to get a rise out of ppl. I know some ppl like you. Most times they are sad little chumps.

enjoy your one sided coin 4D. Your words and avitar scream sad sad sad little d!ck fanboy

come back on that chump

o wait you cant

im sure u have more then one account

Martini3812d ago

Get a life dumbshit$ - GTA 360 is running like a champ online or off where you faq$ are getting your $hit patched up, have problems with frame rate (just look at the posts in the gamer zone from the ps3 owners)among other issues (lower resolution, no AA etc.) Yet you still have the balls to try and drag the 360 down - and that's why you keep getting $hitty games, serves you right.

t-0_ot-3812d ago

Okay, listen here, fool. The only reason the 08 line-up is better than the 360's 08 line-up is because the PS3's big hitters are [finally] coming out. There is PLENTY of 360 exclusives that look great, but are no where near the "Hit Status" of SOME of the Ps3 exclusive games coming out in 08.

So, again, there is PLENTY of 360 exclusives coming out in 08..

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