Top 10: Things we want from GTA 4 DLC's not going to stop playing GTA 4 any time soon, but they're already longing for new things. While many gamers probably didn't rush through it as fast as reviewers did, you will come to the end eventually, and when that day comes you'll want more. knows Rockstar will be releasing new episodes exclusively to the Xbox 360, so that'll provide us with more missions, but what about extra things to enhance the game? has put together the "Top 10: Things we want from GTA 4 DLC".

More TV Shows
More Radio Stations
Celebrity cameos
Extra modes of transport
and much more

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3817d ago
toughNAME3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I call him randomly just to hear his hilarious voice mail :)

Niko Bellic3817d ago

I do not like brucie, he is to put.....weird.

SullyDrake3817d ago

It's called GTA V and it's a PS3-exclusive.

socomnick3817d ago

Mitchell Rockstar would be stupid to do that after all the money they have made from the Xbox 360 version. Thats not including the money they will make after the dlc drops.

PimpHandHappy3817d ago

needs his own mission along with more TV time

Bas is the man

PimpHandHappy3817d ago

i dont really need this unless its a jet pack

Bas is the MAN

SullyDrake3817d ago

I want Sony to fork over 60 million (10 mil more than the green guys) and secure the 360's DLC PLUS get some PS3-exclusive DLC.

Either way, PS3 is getting exclusive DLC in some way, plus Home support.

sabbath4203817d ago

by the time home gets here gta4 will be done with.

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The story is too old to be commented.