BREAKING: Undercover Shoppers Find it's Increasingly Difficult for Children to Buy M-Rated Games

The Federal Trade Commission today released the results of its latest nationwide undercover shop of movie theaters and movie, music, and video game retailers. The FTC conducted a survey with 13-to-16-year-old undercover shoppers to collect data about the extent to which retailers prevent unaccompanied children from buying tickets to R-rated movies, R-rated DVDs, Unrated DVDs of movies that were R-rated in theaters, M-rated video games, and music CDs labeled with a Parental Advisory Label – "PAL" – for explicit content....

GameStop/EB Games had the best overall rating for selling M-rated games to minors. Out of 66 visits to GameStop, a minor was only able to buy an M-Rated game 6% of the time.

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Vip3r3867d ago

Is this really BREAKING news?

Halo3Guy3867d ago

Now we have something to fight Jack T with.

shotputking3867d ago

for the industry it's somewhat big news, as it shows that they are making progress at making sure games aimed at adults are only getting to adults.

for gamers, now, this isn't really much of news.

Le-mo3867d ago

I was able to buy two rated M games at my local Gamestop. They didn't ask for any ID, but even if they did I was 18 so there was nothing to worry about.

BeaArthur3867d ago

Now what are all the parents going to complain about when their child steals a car? Because it won't be those pesky M rated games.

THE_JUDGE3867d ago

now stop making laws that make selling a game to a minor a crime. Thats ridiculous and uncalled for.

SUP3R3867d ago

BestBuy doesn't ask me for ID, but the Gamestop guys constantly card me. It pisses me off sometimes, but I know they're only doing their job.

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