Top 5 hardest levels in video games

As much fun as video games are, they can also be incredibly frustrating, especially when you're having trouble getting past a certain level. It's infuriating to play and replay (and replay) a section. But it's so unbelievably gratifying once you beat it

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Johnny Cullen3910d ago

Clearly, for Call of Duty 4, they havent tried the plane mission on the hardest difficulty. And they dont have Vice City's Death Wish (Is that the name for it xD) which clearly is the hardest mission ever.

Columbo3910d ago

And the "All Ghillied Up" mission in CoD4 isn't even hard. The mission after that, "One Shot, One Kill" (which seems to be what they were referring to in the article), was actually the hardest mission for me on Veteran. Carrying that guy to safety and then trying to survive for 5 minutes was brutal.

Will-UK3910d ago

That sniper mission was very hard near the end

BeaArthur3910d ago

Columbo...exactly right. This is why I don't take these things from MSNBC seriously, they don't even have the mission name correct. I will agree that one is pretty difficult, I am actually stuck on it on Veteran at the moment.

I agree with punch out, maybe it's because I was really young when it came out but I could never beat Tyson. Gran Turismo is a joke though, just pause the game when you are done playing and come back to it later.

criticalzero3910d ago

True...A few of the missions in vice city were really tough..(without any cheats that is..)

COD4 was a piece of cake!!!

iNcRiMiNaTi3910d ago

the plane mission? is that mile high club? if thats what ur talking about, mile high on veteran is a breeze.

i think columbo is more on point tho, one shot one kill is a b!tch on veteran, i havent done it yet but ive tried it once and it pissesd me off

urban bohemian3910d ago

I always lay all my traps then hide to the far right of where captain price is let down, behind the dodgems, barely anyone gets there and you can always kill them before they shoot you. is helpful if youre stuck in a game, but you always get the best feeling when you complete something yourself.

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Britjadg3910d ago

San ANdreas's final mission was a pain in the ass.

any1 who knows diablo 2 should know durial was a pain in the ass to kill at times.

only other thing i can think of is nuke facility on COD4 when playing on higher levels. respawn of enemies is GHEY.

Hellgiver3910d ago

Durial was only hard if you were on hardcore and by yourself really, since you only are allowed to die once.

Just set up a TP outside his lair and attack nonstop. It may take a while if you are playing as very low level characters, but I can think of much harder missions in games.

Mr_Kuwabara3910d ago

The only thing difficult on Through the Fires and Flames in Expert is the intro. I personally believe that the downloadable "The Devil went Down to Georgia" is way harder.

RecSpec3910d ago

Yup, overall DWDTG is a harder song.

CrazyMystical3910d ago

& i cant believe COD4 made the list probably they meant to say the online because the story was a breeze (on all the difficulty modes)

Neurotoxin3910d ago

Yehhh! Punch-out, that was a great game.... Hard as frozen sh1t though.

7h3ultim8p003910d ago

On Very Hard mode in Ninja Gaiden Black, after you beat Doku, if you go down the stone elevator to save and come back up, you have to beat 9 Berserkers , and 9 masked brutes.

Shlt, that was just impossible. The masked brutes were like 4 times your size, and there were THREE OF THEM and any given time on the arena. They have BIG clubs that have a ridiculous reach, and even though they are big, the are FAST as hell with their combos, especially if you break their mask.

Then there's the Beserkers. You just cant fight these guys. They block and counter EVERYTHING, and if you try to run away, they shoot fireballs at you, and they put fire spells that just appear on the floor anywhere you are. That means you cant even run and hide on ledges. What's worse is that when you beat them until they shed their armor, they become INSANE. They just start teleporting all over the place and doing these super-fast combos. 3 masked brutes and 3 berserkers. All of them at once, three at a time until you kill all nine.

That was just ridiculous.

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