Sonic PS3 Has Been Delayed

Originally scheduled to be a launch title with the PlayStation 3, SEGA has announced that Sonic the Hedgehog has been delayed.

The game instead will ship sometime during the holiday season. The delay is due to a need for more time to incorporate downloadable content for the game meaning content will be available immediately on release day when the title finally comes out.

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UrbanJabroni5383d ago

Please just delay all the versions.

Is there a single person here who, after playing the demo, still wants this game?

Worst control I have ever experienced. (exaggeration)

andy capps5382d ago

Yes, delay them all permanently.

And why do they want to have downloadable content available immediately? If they have it available right at launch, why not include it on the disk? Here's next gen for everyone, having to pay extra for features that we used to get for free. Yay!

x440Magnumx5383d ago

Haha, I read that "Sony PS3 Delayed"....I did a double take. ;)

Marriot VP5383d ago

me two, also who was it on this website that said they were going to buy this game at launch?

PS360PCROCKS5383d ago

lol I did the same THING! lol anyways this is the second game now, I'd be mad but if it makes the games better, than that's good I payed $60 for Madden 06 only to be really let down, except for graphics...

Ravenator5295382d ago

The demo was total crap! Don't worry PS3 fans, you aren't missing much with this game.

Deceased5382d ago

The PS3 is harder to develop for because they can't get a steady framerate from the weak GPU. Especially when an ugly game like resistance is in 720p and it has nothing special about it ie. normal looking. Gears of War on the other hand looks real on an hdtv in person.

andy capps5382d ago

What's up, three bubbles? Your post is total FUD and not worth a response.

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