GTA IV Raises Classic GTA Prices on Xbox & PS2

Charts and analysis showing the price increase in Grand Theft Auto games for PS2 and Xbox after GTA IV came out. The Xbox games increased in price more than the Playstation 2 games and the article looks into why this would happen.

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brothersimon3814d ago

Like nobody has them already.

jjgames3814d ago

Yeah, not too surprising but interesting to know how much they increased and which games increased the most.

LinuxGuru3814d ago

What I've mostly been seeing is a 3-pack bundle that has GTA I to III.

The highest price I've seen for Liberty City Stories is 20 bucks.

But mostly it's the larger bundle they're pushing...40 dollars I believe.

deeznuts3814d ago

Somebody must be really bored to track this stuff.