Gamesradar:Has the Wii really improved anything?

David Houghton writes:

''A year and a half after its release, people still can't decide on the Wii's worth. Depending on who you ask it's either a fun alternative to hardcore gaming, an innovative system with a lot of future potential, or a cheap and pointless nonsense box that will bring about the end of gaming as we know it and leave us massively biceped but ultimately very bored. Not quite the clean-cut gaming revolution we were promised a couple of years ago.

But a revolution we were promised. And now that all of Nintendo's main first-party franchises are out on the Wii, we've decided it's time to take stock of just what has actually changed as a result of motion control. Each game is going to get grilled on how improved - or not - it is over its predecessors, and then most importantly, we're going to sum up how big a role the Wii's technology has played in the quality of the final product.

Ready to see how big a deal motion control really is? Then read on.''

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TheFreak3867d ago

The wii has improved the gameplay and the wii has made gaming alot more fun for people who didnt play games that much before.yeah??? And stop saying that the wii is only for casual gamers and not the hardcores ok?? In my opinion a hardcore gamer is someone who enjoys gaming on every console and not just the xbox360, ps3 or pc ok??? THANK YOU!!!

Kholinar3867d ago

Consoles provide a canvas but developers improve gaming.

Devs have, for the most part, decided they'd rather throw out cash-ins for the wii or spend their time on high-res models on the ps3/360. So nothing much has improved this generation.

A few are trying new things, like Media Molecule... but most are too willing to sit complacently and churn out the next shooter.

3867d ago
Horny Melon3867d ago

to gaming. It's not the consoles fault however. It's the typical Nintendo problem. Not enough quality titles. You constantly hear news of new and exciting titles coming out for the 360 and PS3 my wallet will be begging for mercy come fall. But what is big on the Nintendo front? Where is it's Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, etc?

Pacifist3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

the reason that most quality game are being released on the ps360 is because of developers. its the devs fault good games are not being made for the wii. nitendo has already developed their own great games (galaxy, corruption, twilight princess, brawl) now its up to 3rd parties

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The story is too old to be commented.