Belmont overcomes foes with new abilities in Lords of Shadow 2 [spoilers]

Ask Geoff which game he’s most looking forward to this year, and he’d pop up behind you dressed in leather and with whips in his hand, and whisper into your ear “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. As frightening as that image may be, he does have a point, because the sequel is looking superb so far.


Title changed by admin to prevent any spoilers. Expect some spoilers in source article, including in the title.

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NukaCola3549d ago

So many in your face spoilers. :(

Lionalliance3549d ago

hey hey hey! Change the title!

Skate-AK3549d ago

Holy f-n spoiler. Please change the title so others don't suffer the same crule fate.

SaturdayNightBeaver3549d ago

LOL and that website is called "lazygamer". I get it now. Stupid jerks..

FamilyGuy3548d ago

lmao, my thoughts exactly when I saw the title.

"Lazy" as in they just don't give af.

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Lords of Shadow 2 Is Castlevania's Most Underrated Title

From memorable boss fights to chilling lore revelations, here's why Lords of Shadow 2 may be the most underrated Castlevania game.

Gamerking821089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Well i enjoyed my time with it and thats all that matters too me, i could not care less what others thought. Please bring 3 out Konami or at least a 1 and 2 remasters.

morganfell1089d ago

Same here. I own it on PS3 and PC and love the title. The soundtrack is amazing and the tone they paint for the character of Dracula with Robert Carlyle's great voice work is perfect.

mrsolidsteel201088d ago

Same here, I’m a huge castlevania fan, have all of the games. Even the remake that was made on the Wii.

And I have the PS3 and PC versions of both games as well.

darthv721088d ago

They look really cleaned up on the xbo through bc. The LoS games are some of my favorites.

Bennibop1088d ago

Have been playing 1 and 2 on PS now and it's definitely better than i remember

FreeckyCake1089d ago

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness is way more underrated than this one

bananacrust1088d ago

it was ok. but the hide and seek BS was some of the dumbest stuff in the world.

moriarty18891088d ago

great game. have it playable on my xbox one thru BC.

rgraf771088d ago

I remember the intro being fun an action packed. Then the game became "OK" with a lame hub system and sneaking around as a rat. The modern time frame levels weren't the great either. Lord of Shadows 1 was much better and I wish they had continued with that formula.