The 10 most important technologies you never think about

Neil McAllister writes:

''The late science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke famously said that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

We certainly live in a magical world. We're surrounded by technology, yet we seldom stop to consider the amazing advances that we've come to rely on every day. Whether we're surfing the Web, making a call on our mobile phones or watching a DVD movie on our big-screen TVs, we take our modern conveniences for granted.

Here, then, is a peek inside the magician's hat at 10 technologies that are keys to our digital age. Without realizing it, you've probably used at least one -- if not all -- of them already today. But whether you're aware of them or not, without these technologies our world would be a very different place.''

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meepmoopmeep3817d ago

yes, and that is why God is the greatest magician.

Tomdc3817d ago

yh... my title pretty much says it all

OOG3817d ago

hmmm no light bulb or anything like that?