Microsoft says "all done" on Vista

It's been a long hard road for Vista, beginning in 2001 -- before Windows XP was even released -- as the bright-eyed bushy-tailed "Longhorn," and finally getting out the door more than 5 years later looking a little bit worse for wear, but still lumbering on. Today Microsoft announced that Vista has been released to begin manufacturing copies of the OS, putting it right on track for its November 30th release to big businesses customers, and the January 30th release to consumers. Of course, the job of an OS developer is never finished, and we're sure Microsoft is already gearing up to patch day one vulnerabilities, but we suppose the developers can have a few hours in between to crack open a cold one, plop down for a bit of Gears of War, and celebrate this monumental achievement -- at around 50 million lines of code, they sure seem to have earned it.

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shotty4453d ago

I bet you all the engineers are passed out from the excessive drinking and staying up to play gears of war.

Marriot VP4453d ago

you know it

I forgot to put this under pc gaming, oh well

THWIP4452d ago the major bugs can be worked out. I don't wanna be a guinea pig. My PC is 6 y.o. anyway, so I'll just get a brand new Vista PC. :o

BIadestarX4452d ago

I will also wait for this. Not much because of vista bugs (since I've being using the beta and it's stable). but because there arent much hardware in the field that take advantage of windows vista. i.e. some video cards say they are windows vista compatible, but will only be put to the test when vista is released. Also, I will build a brand new PC.

DEIx15x84452d ago

I've been using the betas and release candidates for the past 6 months and i have to agree that the bugs aren't really there anymore (in may they were) but the hardware peripherals that work with XP don't always work with Vista, just like what happened with the switch from 2000 to XP.