IC-Games gives GTA 4 a 100/100

Andrew St.Denis writes:

''The Grand Theft Auto series have been ground breaking in violence, music and sheer size and freedom of the gaming area, the 9th title in the series is actually named G.T.A. IV (strange, but true). The much hyped game has had everyone drooling; either at the prospect or in abject rage that the game is in existence, no matter though since sales should be record breaking. But, after so many disappointments in the past, will the game live up to the hype?

You have to say "Yes!", right from the word go you are shown the level of detail, both in graphics and in the depth of character. You play Niko, a Serb, who fought in the Bosnian war. In an attempt to find a new life, he arrives in Liberty City at the request of his cousin Roman, who has promised wealth, luxury and women with big titties! Roman might have been telling a few porkies though. The truth of the matter is that Roman lives in a little flat, drives or manages a taxi cab company and openly lusts after Mallorie, who also works at the cab firm.''

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blynx1823816d ago

What's with all these perfect scores?

The Closing3816d ago

Money backed hype that's what.

permutated3816d ago

Great to see the hype train still going for this awful game.

Truplaya3816d ago

its not an awful game but its not 100%, because that would mean it is impossible to improve, which is obvioulsy not the case. They could improve it loads, so no way its 100%