LBP: gameplay from GD08

A 4min video showing some new levels, but also older which are know a little different. Also a new interface it looks like.

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Ace Ventura3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Lmao! Did you guys see Arnold when he was scrolling through the Sackboy's pictures??

Run!!! Go!!! Get to the choppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ace Ventura3867d ago

BTW, this will probably be the most fun game ever created.

Blackcanary3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Dude don't hate cause ur not, NO you'll never see games like Final Fantasy 13 FF Vures 13 Suareenixs new MMORPG Kingdom Hearts 3, Little Big Planet, Star Ocean 4, MGS4.

Stop spaming and craping up the Gamer Zone.

The Open Zone is >>>>> way.

And this is the second time i've seen u writeing the same crap so i've reported it.

CrazyMystical3867d ago

gears is an alright game but come on how far can one decent exclusive get microsoft?

0 i know 3rd place

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