For PlayStation Now streaming, the devil’s in the unknown details

Ars got to check out a demo of the service running on a Bravia TV and PlayStation Vita on the show floor, and at first was pretty impressed. The games ran with no discernible lag between button input and on-screen action, and while there were some video compression artifacts and color clumping from the streaming process, the 720p image looked decent enough.

Then Ars asked a nearby representative where exactly these games were being streamed from. "Oh, we have a Gaikai server running down the hall" he replied nonchalantly.

The representative went on to explain that external Internet access was not ideal on the crowded CES show floor and that the company wanted to provide a proof of concept for the service rather than a "live" demonstration. That's all well and good, but a demo streamed from a local server tells users almost nothing about what the PlayStation Now experience will be like in the real world.

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XiSasukeUchiha2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Oh don't worry it's just the beginning folks they can fix it patch it and improve it

morganfell2513d ago

We can't make assumptions based on this writeup. Its Arstechnica. Just look at their recent history and it will tell you all you need to know regarding the trustworthiness, or lack thereof, as regards this article or anything they have to say regarding Sony.

I wonder if they are still attacking people on their own forum...

Jack Meahoffer2513d ago

Morganfell rarely do you comment without accusations of some grand conspiracy and bias. Regular bias conspiracy investigator extraordinaire.

On topic I can't wait to check this out. A platform agnostic Netflix like subscription service for games could be huge. No need to cry bias against people being somewhat skeptical. It hasn't happened yet so it's an unproven concept.

DomceM2513d ago

lmfao @ JAck.

Bubbles ++++ funny.

Eonjay2513d ago

"That's all well and good, but a demo streamed from a local server tells users almost nothing about what the PlayStation Now experience will be like in the real world"

Thats what the beta is for.
Can we at least give them 10 days to roll out the beta before we start looking for the devil?

minimur122513d ago

I don't really know howuch of be willing to pay, I guess I'd have to see the content before considering it. But uhhhh, £7/month o guess? That's just a figure and o have no idea if I'd be happy with that coming out of my account every month

morganfell2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

The oldest trick in the book. When a pattern forms and people point out the FACTS, paint them as conspiracy theorists so they are discounted.

There is one thing however that doesn't change in the midst of attacking people rather than the facts and that is the truth of the matter.

People stated that I was a conspiracy theorist when I pointed out the rampant Sony hate on this site in 2008, 2009, 2010 yet there were hordes of articles, a plethora a thousand times over supporting that very truth.

Everyone is aware that regular die hard readers were getting banned for simply pointing out inconsitancies in edotorial policies, right? Of course you are. GAF blew up not once, not twice, but three times over Ars articles.

When it reaches that level it has become a real rather than imagined matter. And it isn't just that they were overly tough on Sony, but they also and at the same time gave other companies a flat, look the other way pass.

The sand has plenty of headholes and people are welcome to them.

I have been honest several times concerning my Sony support. Yet people such as Jack deny their bias while their post history paints a completely different story. And remember, support doesn't alter the truth.

DomceM2513d ago

morgan is paranoid cray cray

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Kayant2513d ago

Oh but I thought Kyle told us not to read too much into things ;)

OT - Yep these are the questions that will ultimately make or break the service. For now it's baby steps :p

twdll2513d ago

I have onlive and if it's at least that good I'll be happy.

KingDadXVI2513d ago

There certainly is a market for this service but how big it is right now is the question.

Due to exorbitant data caps and poor broadband in many regions this service will be hampered for the time being.

If they want to launch this service and get a good response they will need to set strict latency and bandwidth requirements for subscribers or they could end up with a real backlash of customers receiving bad experiences.

Bandwidth and latency are not an issue in my case as I am on fiber but others will have potential problems. They will need to make it very clear what kind of experience people are going to get from this service. There will be a huge amount of data compression which will affect the quality of the graphics. That does not mean that people won't enjoy it but if customers sign up thinking they are going to get the same experience they would have if playing the game on their PS3 natively they are in for a bit of a nasty surprise.

There is a huge potential for profits here and also a huge potential for a PR nightmare if too many people are disappointed.

It is good for Sony to be upfront though on new gaming technology.

CrossingEden2513d ago

Not to mention that you basically have to pay for games that you already bought, twice.

OrangePowerz2513d ago

In that case just plug in your PS3 to play the game you already own?

kingdip902513d ago

Netflix doesn't let me watch movies I own for free... I pay for the streaming service not individual content. The same is true of playstation now.

Hicken2513d ago

You HAVE to? This is news to me.

Oh, wait. It's just someone trolling by spreading silliness again.

koston36472513d ago

@kingdip90 more people need to realize what your saying

scott1822513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )


Shhhh, Sony's bad! We don't need logic around here.


If people are disappointed they should think about getting the minimum or higher internet speed sony suggests... I guess that's what the beta will be for anyways.

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BanginBiscuitz2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Exactly my point from this, did you guys really think that out when consumers have it that you will be able to stream without severe lag or problems? Its not happening, especially not at Sony's recommended "5MBS download". Just a bunch of crap.

OrangePowerz2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Why not? Vita remote play works ok with a 5MB/s connection if you are out of country as long as the connection is stable and it is basically the same. The PS4 functions as the server in that case like the Gaikai server and the Vita receives the video stream and sends input data. A video stream in 720p doesn't need a huge amount of data transfer rate and sending button inputs doesn't need much either. I don't know how the speed is in the US, but I have a 50MB/s connection and that is one of the cheaper ones.

Ripsta7th2513d ago

The vita remoteplay suffers from major lag. The Ps4 though even if you have a bad connction ot will still play smooth. Was playing BF4 while 2 other ps3s were being ised and a vita downloading something

tontontam02513d ago

remote play will definitely suffer from major lag if you have a bad internet connection.

I'm not sure what you are trying to say.
you are blaming the feature when the fault lies clearly on the Internet Service Provider.

OrangePowerz2513d ago


If you have a bad connection. I was using it over christmas when I wad visited my family in mainland Europe with my PS4 being in the UK and didn't experience major lag.

tontontam02513d ago

Sony can fix the problems on their side, but they cannot do anything to fix your ISP problems.

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