How Steam Will Dominate Gaming or The Enduring Legacy of IBM

SteamFirst: History inevitably repeats itself. Outcomes can be determined by analyzing past decisions and consequences. If the past 50+ years of computer science trends have taught us anything, it has shown that open platforms have a far easier time of gaining traction than closed ones do. Furthermore, the less propitiatory your environment is, the easier it is to be adopted by the mass market.

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PeaSFor2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

theres barely 7millions active peoples on steam, wich is pretty much the number of dreamcast total sales...its not gonna domintate anything at this rate.

Eonjay2717d ago

You mean 7+Million concurrent users online... out of 65 million registered users.

amiga-man2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

65 million registered users I had no Idea it was that high as long as you haven't just made it up Steam has more chance than I thought.

Nope he didn't make it up. thats impressive

duplissi2717d ago

65 million "ACTIVE" users, that is not the total user count. so out of those 65 mil there are 7 million online at one time.

zeal0us2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Steam is currently dominating on the PC no argument. However 65 million registered users and 7million concurrent users sounds nice and all but it doesn't guarantee these users will go out buy a steam machine,hop on Steam OS or build one themselves.

I imagine Valve will add more features to SteamOS to make it like an HTPC X gaming console to catch more consumer's eye.

Ratty2717d ago

7 million concurrent users is a huge frickin' big deal.

But no SteamOS or Steam Machines for me. I can build a PC, install Steam and plug it to my TV myself.

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Gabenbrah2717d ago

And yet PC gaming makes double in gaming software revenue to consoles. Lmao didn't more PlayStation games lose their servers just the other day, ain't nobody playing on PSN.

starchild2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Exactly. In 2012 PC gaming software brought in 20 billion dollars in revenue, which dwarfs what any single console brought in.

In fact the entire gaming industry was worth around 60 billion that year and that includes hardware and software for all platforms.

"Industry analysts DFC Intelligence have revealed that PC gaming is actually doing pretty well, and has generated around $20 billion in software sales for 2012."

So PC gaming SOFTWARE alone generated nearly a third of the revenue for the entire industry.

"According to International, DFC has estimated that games will grow quite steadily from the $50 billion or so earned over the course of 2011 and by 2017 the market will have increased by more than 20% to an impressive $70 billion.

DFC states that the revenue is split three ways between PCs, consoles and mobile devices. The PC market leads the bunch with 39% of the market share value, followed closely by console at 36% of the market and mobile devices are last with only 25% of the revenue share."

People also need to realize that although Steam is the most popular PC gaming portal it in no way encompasses all of PC gaming. There are many other digital game-selling sites and services.

ErryK2717d ago

Ugh, what a disgusting, misinformed, sad individual.

yeahokchief2717d ago

8 great flavors filled with real vegetables and herbs. it's gonna be great tonight.

NatureOfLogic2717d ago

If PSnow becomes very successful, steam will become even more irrelevant. I imagine most of the 3rd party games would flock to the superior install base of PSnow.

starchild2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Yeah, let Sony resell you the games you've already bought. Actually.. more like pay money to rent the games every time you want to play them, or alternatively pay a subscription fee each month even when you aren't playing those games you already own. Not to mention the lag and compressed visual quality...

That's definitely going to kill off Steam. Sounds like the best deal in gaming ever.

Mikeyy2717d ago

The IRONY...

I love steam but you do realize we've been re-buying steam versions and HD remakes of our classic PC games this whole time. And if valve ever goes under our whole libraries are lost?

DoctorJones2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

The chances of Valve going under are slim to none. BUT, if they were going to there is no doubt in my mind that all the games in anyones libary would be made completely and utterly available for them to make backups of and to be played without Steam.

Pandamobile2716d ago

Lol, you're worried about Valve going under? $5 says Sony is going down before Valve ever ever does.

tee_bag2422717d ago

Lol, no wonder you have 1 bubble. Get a clue mate!

Eonjay2717d ago

I have a PS4, but will definitely be getting this for my living room as well. Best of both worlds.

amiga-man2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Yes has my interest peaked too, might wait a while to see how it plays out first though.

JBSleek2717d ago

I love how everyone thinks there can only be one choice that fits all.

SteamFirst2717d ago

I along with many others I personally know have made or are in the process if making the switch from console to Steam gaming. It just makes more sense.

starchild2717d ago

I think you made a wise choice. Also, if at first PC gaming puts you off because it feels different or something works a little differently give it a chance and a little time. I promise that once you get comfortable you will be very happy and wonder why you didn't game on the PC sooner.

SteamFirst2717d ago

Well put bud. It is the best decision I have made in gaming since my early days when I decided to buy a Sega Genesis over a Nintendo.

DomceM2717d ago

welcome to pc gaming... one of my friends just switched from consoles to PC and asked to help him build a great PC....

ITs exciting! He went crazy on the last steam sale and bought a ton of games. Now he doesnt know what to do with them lol...

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