IGN: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 First Look

Not everyone can be a professional golfer, travelling the world and winning tournaments with our skilled shots across numerous courses. That's where sims like the Tiger Woods franchise comes in, which allows players to live vicariously through PGA Tour golfers. However, some users could potentially find that learning how to play and improve their game can be somewhat daunting.

EA Sports is planning to solve this problem within the latest installment of the popular golf franchise, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, giving players more guidance than ever before. At a recent event, an early preview build was shown to highlight many of the new features that will help beginners and veterans improve their game.

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Cwalat3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

never played those games...
no doubt it looks mindblowing, but i just don't like sitting in my livingroom playing GOLF... that's something i only tried ONCE with my Wii.. and it was really fun, but really boring after 4-6 swings..

if they utilize the sixaxis in some cool way, then maybe..just Maybe.. i'll consider buying it...

and it better be great way of controlling it.. if not... sorry