Dinosaur Horror: Can We See A Comeback?

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

Dinosaurs could be the perfect medium/idea for horror games, and they’d work really well. We had games like the Dino Crisis series back in the classic PS1 days that made these wonderful environments and tossed in dinosaurs, and actually made them scary. Then again, it was developed by Capcom when the original Resident Evil games were floating around and causing terror in our hearts.

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Snookies122574d ago

I want a new Dino Crisis... :[

Manio312574d ago

I dunno. Capcom has been iffy with their "horror" franchises lately. Look at Resident Evil.

Sethry1012574d ago

Personally I would really like to see a return of dinosaurs to popular media in general.

1nsomniac2574d ago

I would really like to see a dinosaur comeback too, anything as long as it's not Capcom. I don't think anyone is interested in anything Capcom has to offer these days.

LeCreuset2574d ago

Actually, Dino Crisis did it before Resident Evil. Check out Dino Crisis 2. It's just that that game was actually the truth.

GuyThatPlaysGames2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I'll take a new Dino Crisis anyday! I think a game with a Dead Island layout filled with dinosaurs would be awesome!

Commodore2574d ago

Dino Crisis was the ****. Simply amazing. Turning the cheats on with infinite ammo+ all guns and just going crazy holding the trigger down.

Convas2574d ago

Yes, please. There is a distinct lack of Dinosaur games right now. That's needs to be remedied immediately.

Primal Carnage on PS4 is a good start.

TrueJerseyDevil2574d ago

I want to see Primal Carnage on PS4 or a new Turok

LeCreuset2574d ago

Turok better do it right. I bought the last one on PS3 and it was such a let down. It had none of the magic of Dino Crisis. In Dino Crisis there is well paced build up to the revelation of the dinosaurs and genuine awe at their discovery. In Turok, the guy is like "Oh, look there's a dinosaur. Anyway, back on subject, that ship we're looking for is in that direction."

ThatCanadianGuy5142574d ago

Dinosaurs are the only enemy in horror games that ever really truly scare me.Dino crisis was a good example, even tho it was pretty action heavy it still scared the ever living shit out of me.No amount of mindless zombies can match the "oh shit" moment of a giant T-rex roaming around looking for you, and you know it.

Don't even get me started on the Raptors..

Lord_Ranos2574d ago

Raptors and tall grass..... I'm always cautious when I'm near tall grass. DX

d3nworth12574d ago

Yeah when the T-rex breaks through the window in the office. No matter how many times I play that part, even though I know its coming it still scares. That says alot when a game with outdated graphics can still scare the shit out of people.

LeCreuset2574d ago

I'm man enough to admit that the section from the Dino Crisis demo where the ground is shaking and you had to go outside and get chased by the T-Rex had me scared to even play.

KakashiHotake2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I'll never forget in the very 1st Tomb Raider for PS1 when that big T rex came out of no where it scared the hell out of me. I even remember having a Jurasic Park game on Sega Cd and to me that was the scariest Dinosaur game ever made, One wrong turn and you were food for the Raptors. I never could understand why there aren't more Dinosaur games out. There's is so much untapped potential for the taking. looking back at it it's almost hard to believe that those giant creatures really roamed the earth. Thank god their extinct.

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