IGN: NCAA Football 09 Progress Report

Jeff Haynes from IGN writes:
"We recently covered NCAA Football 09, the newest installment in the college football franchise from EA Sports. At a recent press event, we managed to uncover a couple of new details in a newer build that was being shown on the floor. The first feature that was pointed out to us is the brand new Home Team Sounds feature, which had been implemented for this event. This mode assigns 23 different scenarios in the game where a player might want or expect to hear music blaring out of the stadium speakers. What's cool about this is that players can customize these events with any piece of music they want as long as it's on their hard drive in an MP3 format. For example, we scored a touchdown and heard Digital Underground's "The Humpty Dance" wash over the crowd for a few seconds, which was then followed up by House of Pain's "Jump Around" on the ensuing kickoff."

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madestar3812d ago

they need to build this on ps3 first.. as well as madden... stop settling for less... step your game up EA