Xbox One and PS4 Development is 8 to 10 Times Longer Than Last Gen, Says Capcom

CraveOnline: "To try and utilize the newfound resources of next-gen hardware, Capcom has begun work on a new engine it calls Panta Rhei, leaving the long-lived MT Framework behind. This new engine signals the beginning of an era where potential is through the roof. Unfortunately, it's also an era that requires more work than ever before."

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GarrusVakarian3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Lol, wut? Hasn't every other developer said the exact opposite?

8-10 times longer...usually game dev time is around 2-3 years, 3 x 10 = 30............


Xsilver3847d ago

Really Capcom you guys are the first to say that.

gaffyh3847d ago

So Resident Evil 7 in 20 years guys...

Joe9133847d ago

Games may be easier to develop but if everyone are making larger games then I can see it taking longer to make. If they keep games at around the same size it may be quicker to make but since they are going big for next gen it could take longer.

pedrof933847d ago

Well yes, better hardware so graphics need to better and more refined. So more time. (I think)

What devs have been saying is that its fast to port these consoles not developing.

Ju3847d ago

It's not just "larger" it is also that the level of detail increased exponentially. We have really so much more details in those games which causes this. Also, he is saying "to fully take advantage" of the platform. Throwing things on it quick and dirty - and still exceed PS360 levels isn't really a challenge.

Hatsune-Miku3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Xbox one and ps4 development will take us 8 to 10 times longer than last gen says capcom

raWfodog3847d ago

In fact, what was quoted was:

"it's clear that heightened game quality leads to a rise in the number of man hours. The amount of work involved in making games for next-gen consoles is eight to ten times greater than what is required for the current generation of consoles."

Now this may be splitting hairs but the guy said the amount of WORK...is eight to ten times GREATER. The author of the article changed the essential meaning of that by saying the TIME is LONGER. It is possible to more work in a certain amount of time that you have usually done so this does not mean game development will take 8-10 times longer than usual.

Newmanator3847d ago

There you have it guys, GTA 6 in 2064.

kayoss3847d ago

Well it is Capcom. Would you expect something less? Look at how long it took them to release street fighter 4.

minimur123847d ago

The person who said this may just be talking about the design phase, with all the giga what nots and terrible flops dev's will want to make their models look the very best (Get Even, for example) and that phase will take alot longer that before. But the programming, and all of that side should be quicker. Animations will only get more fluent so that'll take longer (wouldn't say too much however)

Utalkin2me3847d ago

Well considering the article says "8 to 10 times GREATER" and nothing about longer.

tehpees33847d ago

Capcom are obviously struggling with resources for these new systems. Everybody else has said they are easy to port to.

karl3847d ago

maybe he refers to the amount of work in terms of designing those lvls and characters..

since they are soo much more detailed than before...

whats suppose to be way faster this time is the time to triangle ..

and u should watch that mark cerny video out there cuz i have no fucking idea how to explain what it is..

but again. this guy probably refers to creating the characters and incredible detailed texture we will be seeing this gen

NukaCola3847d ago

If it takes 8 to 10 to develop for, then we may not have to deal with Supetr Ultra Street Fighter IV anytime soon.

Kevin ButIer3847d ago

It sounds like a pretext for... Capcom games will be more expensive

RedDevils3846d ago

Capcom should start packing their back and ready go bankrupt with that mentality

Withdreday3846d ago


It's probably because Capcom isn't a PC dev first like most devs are nowadays.

The PC architecture just might be that foreign to them as they're so used to deving for consoles first.

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ThePope3847d ago

Haha. Capcom is still trying to master the PS1. Don't worry they'll get it!

Goro3847d ago

Capcom were at their best with PS1 with the old style Resident Evil games.

ThePope3847d ago


I loved the original RE games. I own them for PSN. Capcom for the most part has lost its way. Though Dead Rising 3 is really fun.

princejb1343847d ago

Shut up capcom go home your drunk
Every developer thus far have says how much easier it is to develop for next gen and the shorter amount of time needed to make a game is compared to last gen
I'm already picturing Capcom messing up again in this new generation

rocky0475863847d ago

I think Capcom knows what they are talking about princejb134. If I put in 2080 labor hours of work in, that's a full calendar work year, 5 days a week for 8 hours a day. If Capcom is correct, they are saying that it will take 16,640 labor hours of work in a year compared to last gen. So instead of working 8 hour days for 5 days, the devs are putting in 20 hour days for 7 days in the same calendar year. Does that make sense?

hkgamer3846d ago

i think he means at this point in time. staff are already used to developing on their old engine. now the new engine they will need to get used to it, the new engine will get better in time making it easier to develop for.

Angels37853847d ago

Capcom......who cares what they say. They don't know shit anymore

Eyeco3847d ago

The company is so out of touch with gaming/ and gamers it breaks my heart thinking about what they once were.

Angels37853847d ago

100 % agree....heck they are out of touch with game development itelf!!

I just hope deep down is good

AaronMK3846d ago

Capcom!? Nah... I wouldn't expect a AAA game studio to know a thing about game development.

It is better to trust the judgement of the random people here, many of whom have probably never set foot into a game studio.


In all seriousness though, I'd love to know exactly how they calculate an 8 - 10X increase, and if that is typical.