GTAIV issues on PS3 'fixed', Rockstar offers apology to all affected

The recent patch released for PS3 has 'fixed' the stutter and lock-up issues, it was linked with the GameSpy servers and the immense load they experienced.

Rockstar "apologize for the inconvenience this has caused." GTAIV should be back in the good graces of the Sony masses once more, hopefully.

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therealwillie3818d ago

now fix the online.... i still can't connect to people and i take it I'm not the only one?
I'm an ungrateful b1tch aren't i

alexM3818d ago

Thanks that we will no FAKE whinners with the comment

"Thank GOD i got if for my x360?"

i Shank u3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

alex M, do you ever shut up about the dumb console warz ..... ? from reading ps3gamers comments, the problem still exists : (

princejb1343818d ago

alexm your such a
the lockup wasnt only affecting the ps3 it was also affecting the 360
n4g just had a whole lot of articles stating the ps3 gta4 was locking up and no 360 ones.
but hopefully both consoles will get patched soon and everyone can play happily ever after

Drekken3818d ago

I just want my stats to save and auto aim removed from MP. Then this game would be untouchable!

Cwalat3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

yeah.. auto aim on MP should be thrown in trashcan and never be considered again.. EVER..

it's basically who ever see who first that get the kill, and that's a huge letdown in MP... i can't believe it never was mentioned in the reviews... it truly does sukk...

Skerj3818d ago

Uh can't the host turn Auto Aim off when they're creating the game?

Alexander Roy3818d ago

AFAIK he can, Skerj. At least I remember seeing that option.

Cwalat3818d ago

yeah, but i've never got the chanse of making my own room, since it won't let me... and every game i played online has auto aim on..

Cwalat3818d ago

is there a reason for auto aim in online ???

it doesnt add to the gameplay a bit... it's basically the cheapest way of getting a kill, and then being killed second after..

Drekken3818d ago

I got lucky and hosted a room last night and had autoaim off all night. A lot of the times I beg the host to turn it off and he wont!

WTF is auto aim on in MP anyways. If it was like warhawk it wouldnt be THAT bad. But when I play, I want to play with people with skills... not players that can run towards dots on the map and push the fire trigger.

Anyways.... Drekken79 - PSN. NO AUTO AIM FTW!

i Shank u3818d ago

if you get stuck in a room where the host wants to keep autoaim, you can kick him out and get a new host if the majority votes for it : ) only been able to do this a few times since alot of people seem to be clueless about how to kick players, but it works

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juuken3818d ago

Kind of scared to play my copy now but hopefully they're right and I can continue my game. o.o

Ghoul3818d ago

well im sorry to say it but

i still am fixed at my 36k cash in mp since 5 days have played over 50k several times but as soon as i log out the game im back at 36610

and i still get thrown out of the mp every 3rd attempt trying to find a game.

aiphanes3818d ago

I have GTA4...and it still locks up when it is installing to the hard disk drive.

rock* fix this!!!

Admiratio3818d ago

I agree, they need to fix the game for single player. I am still plagued with random freezes.

rawg3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Here's how I fixed it. I unplugged my network cable, deleted the GTA file under game data, reinstalled the game and played past the first few save points in single player. It works fine for me now even with the network cable plugged in.

I have a 60GB PS3 and I haven't downloaded the patch yet.

gambare3818d ago

Did someone tried to clean the disk? I had that problem ONCE in a 40g PS3 and got fixed by cleaning the disk, I install it first on my 60g PS3 and had no problems at all.

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