Uwe Boll says he is fighting for gamers against Hollywood in his first interview since his challenge to Michael Bay

In his first interview since his rant against Michael Bay, Director Uwe Boll explains why he hates the Hollywood system and why he is fighting for gamers.



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Kami3816d ago

he hates Hollywood because he will never be able to create a Hollywood quality movie.
There is no need to fight with big budget directors like Bay.I have seen awesome ultra low budget movies that could bishslap Uwe Boll anytime and anywhere.

Garethvk3816d ago

True. He does makes valid points about how Hollywood creates the same stuff over and over and waste money.

Baka-akaB3815d ago

He doesnt make any . For starters he does the same feeding off subventions and video games licences .

Its not like it was some french , german or even american indie movie director ...
He's a big part of the system , the ones with crappy (almost) direct to video action/horror flicks ..

PS360WII3816d ago

he's not fighting for me

Garethvk3816d ago

Very true, but if you ask him, he will fight with you. By the way excuse the site page as it is a temp page, we are doing the redesign now.

PS360WII3816d ago

No worries ^^ I laughed at him saying that he believes people must think it's cool to hate him. No sorry we just don't like crappy movies ;)

I guess let him make his movies but they better only be straight to DVD

Mr_Bun3816d ago

I think the only thing stopping UB from creating blockbusters is UB! He lets his emotions get the better of him and it ends up only hurting him. I think he is the last face we need representing gamers as he comes across too abrasive.

Le-mo3816d ago

I wonder where UB gets the money to make a high budget quality film but ends up kicking himself in the balls.

Bnet3433815d ago

Himself, and I'm not joking.

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The story is too old to be commented.