AMD GPUs Now Supported by SteamOS

Valve latest Beta of its Linux-based operating sytem the SteamOS has been updated to support AMD graphic cards. Previously the OS only supported Nvidia graphics cards but received updates to support Intel graphics and now AMDs.

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Bloodjunkie2760d ago

AMD+Mantle+Valve = Future for PC gaming

OverPaperSkies2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )


Nvidia will always be ahead. Pushing boundaries. Pushing the limits and as per usual always kicking the arse off Amd.

I wonder if nvidia had gone with the consoles what you'd say then...

Clap. Clap.

StealthPandemic2760d ago

Nvidia is the devil. AMD = Angels.

Any Nvidia fans are enemy of the state.

AllroundGamer2759d ago

i constantly switched through Nvidia and AMD(ATI) cards, and have to say Nvidia are always kinda more stable and have better performance.

JsonHenry2759d ago

Been building my own rigs for over 2 decades now. Sometimes ATi had the upper hand and sometimes Nvidia had the upperhand.

Its a back and forth game. But when you account price per performance you get a lot more bang for your buck historically from ATi/AMD than Nvidia.

TheKayle12760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

most pc gamers always aim for the best...and honesly amd now...arent


zero official opencl support from true 3d softwares (maya,max,mudbox,etc etc)and if theres any cuda support beat opencl like 10>1
shitty drivers for gaming
super shitty drivers for graphics softwares
horrible multimonitor support
meh crossfire advantages (broken forever)
slower gpus than the direct rival nvidia

...well u know what im talking about

they r good fot the cheap price..but thats it

JsonHenry2759d ago

I've had several throughout the years and ATi/AMD has not had any major issues with drivers that also was not apparent on Nvidia platforms at some point or just as frequently.

And unlike Nvidia, AMD has their products all open source so anyone can enjoy them even if they don't purchase AMD and is doing more to move the industry forward than Nvidia ever has.

TheKayle12759d ago

u can have a good personal opinion on ati/amd and no one is arguing that amd gpus r totally shits...
they arent

but this dosnta change the fact that nvidia r better all long the line..for 3d softwares....for gaming (benchmarks) for multi gpu solutions..and their drivers support multimonitor just better and have less issue...that it

unfortunaly they will keep the price up till amd dont raise their hardware/software quality :(

JsonHenry2759d ago

When you do the breakdown on performance you're paying a much higher price per frame for less than ~2-3% increase in performance.

And AMD has had better multi-monitor support since the 5xxx series launched years ago. Eyefinity was and is still a huge hit, and that is why the new R9 series handles higher rez gaming better than anything in the same class as Nvidia.

Not to mention AMD has monthly driver updates to fix any problems. And my 680GTX has more problems with multi-monitor gaming/support than my AMD5870 ever did.

This pretty much sums it up-

Shakengandulf2760d ago

I hope Amd close to the gap to Nvidia, with 3 large companies using their chips, it has to benefit them somewhat.

JBSleek2759d ago

Why do you hope for that lol

Pandamobile2759d ago

AMD has a ways to go before they're going great to be competitive with Nvidia again. They seem pretty content with being the middle ground with all their APU stuff. Meanwhile, Nvidia has the biggest chunk of the PC GPU market and a good position in the mobile market as well.