Ninja Gaiden 2 Screenshots and Trailers (Xbox 360)

Ninja Gaiden 2 is the follow up to Ninja Gaiden Sigma exclusive to the Xbox 360. Ninja Gaiden 2 will be hitting store shelves June 3, 2008. Until then you can salivate over these screenshots and trailers.

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Expy3818d ago

The textures need a bit of work. But the game's looking good so far.

JOLLY13818d ago

The blood particles look great. That is some serious processing power. I also like how many different animations there are for different types of severs.

Phil Harrison Mklll3818d ago

looks like a ps2 game

[im pp's clone] :D

brothersimon3818d ago

Don't be jealous :(

I mean.. you've got... I mean.. Haze, right??

I mean, ... Haze, you know.. Haze..


Phil Harrison Mklll3818d ago

:D "Haze" or this ? "Haze" ANYDAY ! this game looks REALLY NOT jealous at all and thats the you xFlop360 cant handle "killzone2" in a MILLION YEARS !

AngryTypingGuy3818d ago

Ninja Gaiden is a proven franchise. I have a feeling Haze might end up being another Lair.

brothersimon3818d ago

Looks awesome.

Droidstation 3 wouldnt be able to handle. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.