PS3, Xbox 360 drove the purchases of HDTVs in 2007

PSLegion reports:"A recent study from Frank N. Magid associates shed the light on some interesting facts. About 5 million families bought an HDTV during the holidays season last year, and one fourth of the U.S. households have at least one HDTV now ..."

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killer_trap3817d ago

yep, the main reason i bought an HD-TV is because it was a requirement for the new gen of videogame hardware(excluding the wii) i wouldn't have bothered buying one otherwise.

green3817d ago

I bought my HDTV in december because of my 360.

madestar3817d ago

you have to remember though.. xbox 360 isn't real high def tech

i Shank u3817d ago

madestar, i wont be remembering anything that comes out of your "genius" mouth

whatis3817d ago

I got home.

Unpacked my new ps3, set it up.

I put in Resistance and as I was watching the opening cinematic I instantly started to realise how much I hated my old TV.

It was like this for my friend too when he got his playstation. He's refusing to even start playing Uncharted (borrowed my copy) until he's saved up enough money for a new tv himself at the moment.

By the way, what is it with everyone calling it "AN" hdtv? It annoys the heck out of me.

Skerj3817d ago

Because the letter H is pronounced Eich which starts with a vowel, to which you would use AN instead of A. It's also used when the letter H is silent like "an honor" and so forth.

whatis3817d ago

Hm. It still sounds strange to me though. Maybe it's because I pronounce it as "haych-dee-tee-vee".

Skerj3817d ago

You say Haych instead of Eich/Eych? That's probably why it sounds funny to you, the H sound is silent in the pronunciation of the letter.

prunchess3817d ago

from a HD ready LCD to a full 1080p lcd model due to my PS3.

celticlonewolf3817d ago

Thats why I got my hdtv to play my 360 on it and then when I got my ps3 hooked that to it to. I also tinkerd with my suround sound and now I have 11 speakers in the living room/game room. 2 large in the front 4 on the side and 4 in the back along with the sub upfront lol.

killer_trap3817d ago

why would you need 11 speakers? i believe the best available right now is 7.1 so you only need 7 speakers to get the full experience out of it.

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