Falcom Will Probably Announce its First PS4 Game and More on January 25th

On January 25th at 7 PM local time Nihon Falcom is going to hold an acoustic live and talk show in Shinjuku, Tokyo, with a concert of its own band Falcom Sound Team JDK, that normally records a large percentage of the soundtracks of the developer’s JRPGs, and a talk held by President Toshihiro Kondo.

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SquareSoft2444d ago

Most Nihon Falcom games on PS3, PSvita are powered by Sony's Phyre Game Engine. Nihon Falcom & Sony could unleash PS4 full potential.

3-4-52444d ago

It would be cool if this was a new IP. That way we could continue to get games from their other games + a new one starting fresh in the new gen.

I still need to get Trails

XiSasukeUchiha2444d ago

Sony and those exclusives :)

Hanso2444d ago

probably Ys 8 if you look carefully at the artwork it looks like Adol Cristin
so ps4/Vita with cross save pls?

Snookies122444d ago

I was just thinking about that... A freaking Ys game on PS4... That would be so full of win.

Hanso2444d ago

would be great if they add the jump button again
gameplay becomes more deep this way ^^

DanielGearSolid2444d ago

I agree Hanso

I wish more JRPGs incorporated platforming when traversing their worlds. It keeps ppl into it

KratosSaveUs2444d ago

An Ys game on PS4 will be amazing. I wanted to get a Vita just to play the new Ys. If it is really an Ys game I will die of happiness.

2444d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.