New Motorstorm: Pacific Rift images

Sony Computer Entertainment released some new Motorstorm: Pacific Rift images.

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killer_trap3818d ago

not trying to start a war here but i really find the original motorstorm graphics looking better than this one. i think the developers needed to polish the game a lot more before releasing photos and videos. now my hype for the game is a lot lower than it was before i saw anything.

Cwalat3818d ago

they said it was 40% complete.. so that's 60% left of work.. don't think the final game will look like that... Motorstorm was a bit rushed according to them, so this will certainly be 3X more improved than the first one...

killer_trap3818d ago

i understand what you're saying but my point is they really didn't have to show the game in this state. i mean why???? what's the point. if you know it's not looking hot right now then don't show it.

Cwalat3818d ago

well, it's PLaystation gamers day, there is your reason...

and it didn't look BAD, it looked better than the first one, and it's in prealpha stage... 6 months left... and dude, it's insomniac games .... :P it's gonna be huuuuge !!!

killer_trap3818d ago

insomniac games!!!!! i believe you and i are talking about different games here. i was talking about motorstorm which is not made by insomniac.

alexM3818d ago

The game is 40% complete

The original Motorstorm looked even worse than the final version 6 months prior to its release

M2 is the MOST REALISTIC offroad racer i have ever seen

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titntin3818d ago

Pictures are a little low res to tell much, but it looks fine to me for early code. More racing in different environments, exactly what I'd want from a new Motorstorm title.

@killer_trap your statements about it being 'in that state' are way off the mark. Granted there's plenty of spit and polish to go, but you seem to imply it looks a horrible mess, which it certainly doesn't.

If your eyes are offended by anything less than final retail code, simply don't look at work in progress images.

To the rest of us wanting to play more MotorStorm, its good to see that the sequal is coming along nicely!

killer_trap3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

i'm not saying the game look horrible. but after seeing the CGI target they released before i really got my hopes up. especially when you consider how good the first motorstorm looked and it was a launch title!!! i just figured that since they know the hardware better and don't have a system launch deadline to make the games should have looked much better than what they showed. the first motorstrom came really close to it's CGI target, this one is way off. and i sincerely hope that I'll eat my words when the game is finished. thats all

Ghoul3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

luspoplay has a horrible website gallery.
theyre cms picture resize method when they upload pictures totally destroyes the jpg's with a bad bad resize algorithm

the actuall fullsize screens look 10 times better

killer_trap3818d ago

well there were videos of the game in motion yesterday........they didn't look that good either.

Ghoul3818d ago

its ok now killertrap

you have said it like 6 times now that you feel the game looks like crap

well i dont i think it looks great for beeing at 40% infact it looks very great for 40%, no need to reply to every comment here that you dislike it.

and judging the gfx by the cgi trailer is a bit .... foolish ?

candystop3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

I'm just going to come out and say it since nobody seems to be bringing it up! This game looks terrible and nothing like iIinvisioned or even close! I wonder whats going on up at Sony because these games are looking pretty bad and should never have been shown until closer to being finished! KZ2 even looks terrible when you really look at it which is just sad! I don't think 6 months is enough time to really improve this game and think it would be wise for them to just start over!

Edit below: Yes KZ2 looks bad and know I don't need glasses lol! It's nothing more then KZ1 with a an extra coat of paint! The AI looks the same, the explosions all look the same, it's grey, there stuck in the 90's with exploding red barrels, some of the floors look to pretty to be in a war torn city, and it still has poor textures! Please do ignore me but it doesn't hide the fact that this game is not all that! If you look past the lighting you will see and if not just wait 9 months and then you'll see! It kind of reminds me of a Nintendo game back in the day but I can't put my finger on it! Anyways...yes it does look bad to me and this was the exact same type of hype and comments made on part one before it came out! GG is to worried about making this epic chaotic war but when it's all said and done the game will fail to immerse people just like the 1st one!

killer_trap3818d ago

killzone looks bad! i think you need glasses. it's the only game on console that'll give crysis a run for it's money.

Ghoul3818d ago

im your proud 50th ignorer :)

candystop3818d ago

well I commented on the wrong page but the same goes for this game but even worst! The game looks super ugly and if you don't see it I guess your expectations for what a game this generation should look like are low! Motostorm looks pathetic and ugly and goes to show that either it's being rushed or the hardware is really limiting what this game could be!

DJ3818d ago

Both gameplay and graphics need a serious upgrade.

killer_trap3818d ago

glad someone shares my point of view.