No MGS4 PS3 bundle for Australia

Retail sources have informed us today that the Australian market will not be seeing the release of the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle that was announced in February. The bundle in the US will include a limited edition 'hagane' coloured 80GB PS3, a Dual Shock 3 controller and, of course, a copy of MGS 4, all for $US 499.99.

Sources also told us that the recently released GTA IV 40GB bundle didn't fair so great in Australia on release, which may have influenced the decision (although that bundle *was* released 3 days after GTA IV was released)

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kwicksandz5505d ago

I would have bought the 80gb bundle day 1, but i refuse to buy the gimp 40gb bundled with the obsolete controller.

I suspect no DS3 is one of the reasons that the 40gb gta bundle flopped. Perhaps PAL is finally wising up to the shafting we get?

Now i guess i will now pin my ps3 hopes on a gt5 bundle with full BC and Ds3. Very pissed i will miss out on mgs4 now.

Cwalat5505d ago

are you willing to wait until next year just to play MGS4 ?

wow, no wonder you guys don't get bundles... :P

Expy5505d ago

The DS3 isn't included in the 80GB Bundle either.

clintos595505d ago

Really there money sux donkey balls so I can see the struggling to buy a ps3, sony should drop the damn price in those areas and europe and get second place already but I guess they are waiting to get shot in the foot again.

Cwalat5505d ago

it's more expensive the country i live in... Sweden has the highest price... i bought my PS3 at launch for 1080 $ + 90$ for extra controller, 4 games 400$... i paid 1570$ at launch...

i'd say, the pricing is just as bad in Australia as in Europe...
compared to swedish money, australia is heaven..
my brother just moved there, he said same laptop he found in australia counts for 3000 SEK cheaper.... That's 600$ cheaper than in Sweden....

anyways... the high pricing started before i knew what a NES was so it's not that bad, but still, US market should never come with the argument that products cost so much...

kwicksandz5505d ago

The aussie dollar is sitting at about 95c to the US dollar. Our currency is doing better than it ever has atm, it just because we are a PAL territory that our prices are so messed up.

Expy5505d ago

Anybody find it funny how the author fails to mention his sources?

Britjadg5505d ago

wait.... america gets coloured playstations?

theres a joke in there somewhere i'm sure.

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