New Resistance 2 screenshots

3 high resolution images have been found for Resistance 2.

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Fishy Fingers3814d ago

Just direct feed shots from the footage shown at the show. Still clearly shows those off screen videos aren't doing the game justice, even in its early build.

Direct feed footage please :)

CViper3814d ago

I love the diversity too. So you aren't stuck in some dark cavern all the time.

jazzking20013814d ago

Sorry that i was unable to find a video. All videos have most likely already been added to n4g and thus making it old.

Ghoul3814d ago


i love those screen but the lighting isnt even in the same league as kz2's lightmodel sorry, kz2 deffered render method and lightscattring technology is out of league of any current engine.

CViper3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Watch the 5 minute presentation video of the guy at insomniac going over mutliplayer.

Not the 50x50 pixel youtube movie going around the net. The lighting model is closer than it is not.

GG/NaughtDog/Insomniac all share technology. Its one of the main reasons its taking Killzone2 so long. Considering Uncharted's streaming method lived in Killzone2 first.. Its pretty safe to think they are passing along notes for lighting. Good lighting is good for everyone

BobDog3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

now we can laugh at those people who said the graphics are crap???
(because u can tell so by a a gameplay trailer thats like 100x50 pixels)

this looks amazing

Ghoul3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

yes you can
there are enough tech documents about kz2 and insomniacs inhouse engine. Both are great but r2 doesnt match kz2's realtime lighting engine by far.

titntin3814d ago

You are quite correct to suggest that the Developers do indeed share technology and techniques, and you are correct to say that the lighting for this title looks good.

You are however, quite wrong to suggest that the lighting model used is of the order of complexity of KZ2's engine. The techniques and advanced lighting that are done in KZ2's engine, are much discussed amoung dev's as it is by far an away the most complex lighting model ever used for a real time game. The information is widely avialble for those with the ability to digest it, do check it out if you are genuinely interested, its an exciting engine!

Insomaniac are doing a great job, but they would be the first to tell you they are not trying impliment a lighting model thats as advanced as KZ2's. They are spending their SPU power elsewhere, and I'm quite confident they will deliver a great game.

tony3814d ago

first, the video wasn't making to the game justice, now the screenshots aren't making justices either. get over it, the game really looks like that.

Fishy Fingers3814d ago

Look like what? Great? This is a pre-beta build, it's not finished and your grading its visuals.

Ah I guess your just venting now Offset Is PC only ;)

sonarus3814d ago

Mot bad at all. Looks like a graphical upgrade from R1 plus some color

CViper3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Resistance 2's multiplayer video has good lighting. The still images do not do the lighting model justice, which I was merely pointing out to begin with. I am 100% sure that the KZ2 lighting engine is very advanced.Its obvious to anyone that watches it in motion. However looking at the stills you cant really see all of the processing going on. I almost died when I saw the stills of KZ2 because they looked lacking, after I saw the video.. I almost had a heart attack due to shock and awe. I had a feeling you guys were judging the lighting based on these MEH stills.

You guys are getting confused here thinking that I said the Resistance lighting matches. I only said its closer than it is not, and again. You would have to see the higher resolution video of the forest to see how great it is. Its still pretty impressive.

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Rybnik3814d ago

I may be wrong about this, but it almost seems that KZ2, R2, and M:PR are all using very similar lighting engines, i.e. all three games have absolutely fantastic lighting!

Ghoul3814d ago

you are wrong

they use 2 totally different lightmodels and kz2's is by far the best to date.

you are right

both look awesome :D

meyers3814d ago

M:PR -> Motorstorm: Pacific Rift

IIamback3814d ago

They all have different engines. Insomniac has its own engine, GG its own developed for what KZ2 needed, and same goes for motorstorm. Sony is not MS to buy Unreal Engine 3 licence and use it for 80% of its "exclusives" (GeOW 2, Bioshock, Crackdown, Mass Effect, etc.). So you wont see Sony games having same plastic wet look. Even though Sony has its own engine and tools but it is not limited and over used.
You mention amazing lightning? Well this is PS3 bro, only getting in its second year and games look amazing already. By January 09 it is all over, and than comes final blow KZ2 in feb and God of War 3 in March.

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McErono3814d ago

it does now. but where is the highres stuff!?

P4KY B3814d ago

Except R2 is a real game and Alan Wake is looking like vaporware.

rawg3814d ago

Lots of detail and the light being filtered through the branches adds a lot of atmosphere. Looking forward to all of the environments that we'll get to play through in R2.

dogseye_deadhorse3814d ago

i heard that Resistance 3 is going to be set in australia.

Mc Fadge3814d ago

I'd like to hear your source on that :P

It could be interesting though, nice to see buildings I know in a game for once ;D

Shadow Flare3814d ago

Swear Australia hadn't even been invented at the time Resistance was set


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