Mega Man-athoning for a good cause at MAGFest 12

"Like many festivals, MAGFest 12 is full of things to do, whether it’s attending a plethora of game music concerts or roaming the vendor and arcade areas in search of new experiences. If you did the latter, chances are you came across a pack of dedicated Mega Man fans that were marathoning the classic Capcom series for a good cause.

Half Empty E-Tank’s second annual Mega Man-athon took place during the entirety of MAGFest 12 and ended up raising $3,193.10 in donations, with $1,305.68 going straight to Child’s Play. Those who donated were able to amass a healthy collection of digital albums from videogame music artists like Mega Ran, The Megas and X-Hunters.

I got a chance to catch up with Half Empty E-Tank main man and marathon organizer Bryan Belcher and find out how things have improved in comparison to last year’s event. Hustle on over to the video after the break." - Patrick Kulikowski

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Donnywho2817d ago

That a modded top loader I see? Or Japanese model?