Why Nintendo is the Ned Flanders of the console world

For all of the joys of the Wii, DS, Mario and such like, why is Nintendo still so fond of its family-friendly, moral card?

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PS360WII3814d ago

Hmm I see them more like Nelson saying "Haw Haw" to the other game makers ;)

MaximusPrime3814d ago

xbox 360 would be homer.

They are liars, lazy bunch of idiots.

Kleptic3814d ago

Well Ned recycles...and loves the environment...Nintendo?...not so much...

Nintendo is like Ned Flanders only if Ned has a torture chamber in his basement...he's friendly up front, but has plenty of skeletons in the closet...

Shadow Flare3814d ago

That would make Microsoft and the Xbox 360 Mr Burns then. The oldest next-gen console out, the richest company here, and it's constantly breaking its bones and falling apart

riksweeney3814d ago

Who's the PS3 then?

Perhaps Homer*, it does dumb things but gets there in the end.

*From the golden age of The Simpsons, not that crap that is currently being aired.

Shadow Flare3814d ago

No PlayStation is Troy Mclure. "You might remember me from kicking Nintendo's and Microsoft's ass last gen"

Skerj3814d ago

R.I.P. Phil Hartman :(

bootsielon3814d ago

Xbox 360 would be barney because he constantly blacks out.

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