Playstation Now - There are a few drawbacks

Sony at CES 2014 unveiled PlayStation Now that allow streaming PS3 games on Playstation 4, PS Vita, and a wide range of other devices from TV, tablet to mobile phones including hardware from other manufacturers. Playing the best PS3 games basically on anything is certainly tempting, but as you can imagine, it has a pair of hooks.

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NukaCola2615d ago

I can't understand the bad translation.

What point does this site even have to make? This is a NA service first. Also cable and above all can provide 5plus mbps easy. Only dsl and satt nets ate still in the stone age. Even LTE can pull upwards to near 10mbps on good towers. This is groundwork for future endevours. Too many naysayers and not nearly enough optimists.

USA0072614d ago

I agree, an Internet speed test can quickly solve whether you can use PS Now or not. I have a 50mb/s plan, but in the daytime when traffic is high I average about 25-30mb/s. Most people on decent plan in the US will likely be able to use it. LTE can now reach up to 50mb/s btw, atleast in my area

gigoran2614d ago

Naysayers? I am a playstation guy through and through, but there is no way in hell I am going to say that having to repurchase (hire?) games that I have previously purchased and still own on disc and ESPECIALLY digitally is a "good thing". That's not called being a naysayer. That's called being someone that doesn't want to get F in da A.

hellvaguy2614d ago


What about all the games you dont own? Or others here that dont own every single ps1-ps3 game?

I agree with u on not wanting to pay for a game u already own, but kinda of narrow minded to think that's the case for everyone else out there.

gigoran2614d ago

Never said I spoke for anyone else. I'm speaking for myself. Disc based ignorance I could let slide, but when you purchase something digitally off of them and are then expected to pay for it again then that is crossing the line.

It's a good setup. Streaming lots of great games. But you would have to be a blind blind ignorant fanboy to be able to support them charging twice for digital games.

Larry L2614d ago

The only blindness and ignorance I'm hearing (from this guy and other people who all seem to be repeating this same thing), is someone suggesting that they have to, or for some reason feel the need to rebuy games they are saying they already own. How crazy is that? It's some strange backwards logic.

1st of all, when you're talking about disc based games you already own......well if you own those discs it means you own the hardware that can play it. So why in the name of the Gaming Gods would you even consider rebuying them on a streaming games service? WHat are you thinking of?

Now, there ARE reasons a gamer would consider rebuying things they already own. I've done it myself. I have PS1 discs of every FF released for PS1, and I also have Nintendo cartridges of some of the same games......yet when they were released digitally on PSN, I CHOSE to buy them again so I could put them on my PSP and now my Vita. I decided it was worth my money ($2.50 each) to be able to have digital copies for portable gaming. I didn't feel like Sony OWED me those digital copies because I bought the discs. Just like I didn't feel Squaresoft OWED me the PS1 version of FF1 and 6 because I paid them for the Nintendo versions. Does Square owe me a copy of X HD for Vita because I bought X on PS2? I still have the reciept and everything!!

If YOU decide that a streaming version of a PS3 game is something YOU consider worth YOUR money.......that's on YOU. Sony doesn't OWE you that. In fact YOU owe THEM, for access to this service they've invested propably hundreds of millions of dollars into developing. But no one can force you to buy a product (except Obama of course.....he's allowed for some reason).

Now on the other for digital games we've bought that are available on the PSNow service, there I could argue that we've already paid for full digital versions of these games for PS3, if they are playable in any way on PS4, then it's fair to think said gamers would have access to those games so long as it's the same account.

But here's the thing with making that complaint right now: why is it you think Sony WON'T have this policy for people who already bought these games digitally? I would say based on all of Sony's current policy trends, that's exactly what they'll do. I didn't have to repurchase digital PS1 and PSP games when they bacame compatible with PSP and Vita. Sony also doesn't make you pay again for PS4 versions of games bought digitally for PS3. Sony's actions suggest that games you own digitally will probably be fully accessible on the Now service for free (at least no additional cost to the service itself).

But that's just because Sony is a "nice guy" in terms of companies. They just tend to at least TRY and do the right thing for their fanbase. They really aren't OBLIGATED to offer you a different product for free. If you do end up having to pay, it's on YOU to decide if it's worth your money. I certainly don't feel they OWE it to me or anyone else. It would be a nice gesture though.

n4rc2614d ago

Just for clarity.. I can post speed test results of 60/20 on rogers LTE.

Bandwidth shouldn't be an issue for most.. Its latency that makes streaming full games questionable.

MasterofMagnetism2614d ago

My bandwidth will be able to handle it but it's the latency that I'm worried about. I really want to try it out to see how bad the latency is.