EA making Wii fitness game

Watch out - Peter Moore wants to make you sweat. The EA Sports president has revealed his division is working on a fitness game for Wii that utilises the balance board peripheral. The unannounced title will release under the newly-created Freestyle label and focus on more "western" cardio-vascular workouts, compared with the "eastern holistic fitness" of Nintendo's Wii Fit.

Speaking during a major three-day EA Sports showcase at the publisher's Vancouver HQ, Moore spoke of his admiration for Nintendo's breakthrough hit and the opportunities it has created.

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Pezman3817d ago

As far as I'm concerned if the guys at EA are excited about it than that's reason enough for me to get excited about it.

ItsDubC3817d ago

Nothing wrong w/ having more fitness options in the gaming realm. I do appreciate EA's approach to this as more of a focus on cardiovascular work rather than simply a WiiFit clone. Who knows, one day I may be interested in these fitness games.

PS360WII3817d ago

Well the more games for the balance board the better. Specially with EA they need to figure that thing out so to make a really good version of Skate using it ^^

BeaArthur3817d ago

Nothing wrong with some old fashion competition.

titntin3817d ago

Quick E.A - theres a bandwagon! Better jump on it! lol

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