PS4 Becomes Best Selling Console of 2013 in UK, After Beating 360 in Final Week

The PlayStation 4 managed to beat the Xbox 360 to become the UK’s best-selling home games console in 2013, winning by a couple of thousand units. - PSLS

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Sammy7772712d ago

before anyone argues the numbers are from gfk.congrats Sony and well done Ms too.

TrendyGamers2712d ago

Sweet, should make for a fun 2014.

Wedge192712d ago

Awesome! I'm loving the new-gen and can't wait to see what the future holds.

ftwrthtx2712d ago

Not surprised that it was close. Gamers understand the value of both systems so the price point might have been the deciding factor as to why the PS4 sold more.

d0nni32712d ago

you do realise its a the 360 sales it beat, right?

vivid832712d ago

it sold more than xbox 1 aswell but they're stating that it beat every console for the year and the 360 was on top up until that point

Eonjay2712d ago

Its PS4 vs Xbox 360. The 360 is cheaper.

D-riders2712d ago

It's not really close gamers are choosing a game console everywhere. I have a camera for my ps4 and it works but I only used it like ten times. Couldn't imagine having to d Ok that all the time with your voice. Secondly price is not the reason that people are choosing ps4 over Xbox one that doesn't matter till later the people buying systems now would have bought them regardless

akaFullMetal2712d ago

Crazy considering ps4 has only been out for a little over a month for 2013.

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The story is too old to be commented.