Eurogamer: echochrome Review

Eurogamer writes: "In echochrome, the solution to every puzzle is that seeing is believing. If you can align a pair of platforms so that they appear to be one, they are. If you can position a hole so that it appears to be above a beam, it is. Although the beams, staircases and pillars that make up each stage are positioned normally in 3D space, gravity bends and distance becomes nothing in accordance with the player's perspective.

As a little man walks along these paths suspended in the air, all you have to do is guide him between the holograms scattered across each stage and then return him to the starting point, but like Portal last year, the game's capacity to reduce vast distances to nothing means that doing so requires a mixture of lateral thinking and, as the game progresses, dexterity. Overall, it's an arresting concept."

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