Are cyber athletes taking drugs? - Gameplayer

Gameplayer looks in depth at the quickly growing cyber sport of gaming and the issues associated with using Amphetamines (Speed), Dexamphetamine, Methylphenidate (Ritalin), FpsBrain and Caffeine to improve gaming skill and performance.

Gameplayer writes:

"With all of this money being thrown around at the big comps, is it possible that some elite players are looking for ways to enhance their performance – and if so, should drug testing be part of big gaming events such as the WCG? To answer these queries we need to look at the types of drugs or chemical enhancements that would even benefit somebody playing games, and then determine whether these drugs should be tested for...

After all, there are heaps of casual gamers out there who would swear that sucking down on a bong before playing a driving game or, say, Guitar Hero III, actually makes them better players – allowing them to relax and enter a Zen-like state of concentration. We can imagine it now, "Hey! Pause the song, dude. I need a kebab with the lot!"

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Snall3910d ago

Hey, I killed like an entire Japanese guild in Ultima Online (Before it sucked) while drunk as hell...sometimes just being really calm does help...and i'm pretty sure i've done ok with weed too (Back in the day)..pff.

solar3910d ago

i used to play CS for hours all blown out on magic mushrooms. with the pupils dilated to the scores would actually skyrocket. i was never a great CS player...i more or less ran around like and idiot enjoying the company of the ppl i played with. but with those shrooms...i focused serious...yeah..i can see those players using any kinda drugs to get them ahead.

donscrillinger3910d ago

420 fasho .........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!keeps me focus