OlliOlli Confirmed for PS Vita Release on Jan 21st/22nd, Gameplay Video Shows off Tricks and More

After being pushed away from the original December 2013 release date, developer Roll7 has confirmed that OlliOlli will release exclusively for the PlayStation Vita on January 21st in North America and January 22nd in Europe. Pricing information will be announced next week, though Roll7 Director Tom Hegarty did tease a possible PS+ launch discount when he said, “No demo I’m afraid, but there will be a discount on launch, details on that coming soon!” - PSLS

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wonderfulmonkeyman2715d ago

Looks like it might be worth a rent if you're into skater games.

PeaSFor2715d ago

its a purchase for me, man i need a next-gen(aka current gen) EA Skate or a new Thrasher:Skate&Destroy.

need my fix.

wonderfulmonkeyman2715d ago

What, is the Tony Hawk Pro Skater line now defunct or something?[<doesn't keep up with sports games]

PeaSFor2715d ago

wonderfulmonkeyman, thps fatigue i guess, last i played was thps project8 and was a big fan since the first thps demo disc on me hooked but Thrasher:Skate&Destroy was different in a very good way.

CocoWolfie2715d ago

im not into skaing games much, played a few tony hawk games as a kid, tried skate, this looks really fun like wise :) hopefully those beginning quotes are right!

SuperWeeb2714d ago

It looks... Okay.
Though I am tired of these small pocket games filling the void. Just give me my God Eater 2 already.