Yamauchi richest man in Japan

DZ writes "Forbes has recently posted an article detailing the richest people in Japan. They comment that the country's biggest gainer, and new No. 1 richest is currently the retired Nintendo chairman, Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Apparently his pimp hand is still strong, as his net worth soared $3 billion in the past year, and is now triple the amount it was in 2006."

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meepmoopmeep3819d ago

must be nice to be yakuza

killer_trap3819d ago

lol.......bubbles for the funny post.

Le-mo3819d ago

Yamauchi has officially reached pimp status.

nintendostar3819d ago

I know nintendo is making amazing profits but I find it hard to believ e that the big dog at sony isn't making more than Yamauchi since Sony makes all types of stuff

DomUltra3819d ago

Pimpz in the crib ma', drop it like it's hot.