How to Install Games on Your Zune

The XNA 3.0 Beta is available, and with it comes the ability to install XNA games on your Zune.

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wow4u3818d ago

MS is moving into the handheld gaming space. I just wonder if they intend to do it on the Zune exactly.

I still imagine another device, more geared toward gaming is coming. Getting XNA titles onto Zune is a good move for sure -- perhaps the next Danger phone will run this same library of games (my bet).

Whatever the case, handheld gaming is about to get a shake-up.

Bladestar3818d ago

and this is where microsoft rules... Nintendo nor Sony can every acomplish something like this... PC, XBox 360 and Zune game development using the same tools, same computer language... ohh and free... I can't wait to see what how far XNA will go... already 3.0 in less than 1 year... and already support the Zune... Ipod... be careful if you don't work on doing something about gaming the next Zune may really hurt your marketshare.

wow4u3818d ago

The XNA Community is going to be setup that will bring XNA titles to Zune, Xbox 360 and PC -- develop one game, ship to three very differnt audiences.

Pretty great idea.

I predict they'll open it up to Windows Mobile Phones and/or the next Danger device.

There are a lot of cool games under development too, check out the XNA forums;

There are a lot of different people/groups showing what they are working on... if you join the Creators Club, you can play them for free on your PC.

CViper3818d ago

You and N4user trying to convince eachother that its cool, or innovative. Well good luck with your zunes guys.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33818d ago

I own one and wish I would have got an ipod instead. Zunes are much more restrictive. Almost all mp3 player files are built for ipods anyway.

RecSpec3818d ago

iPod isn't so great either, there are a bunch of better mp3 players out there.

wow4u3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

IT is clear you dont know wtf you are talking about. I think the world might be better off not taking technology advice from someone who says

"Almost all mp3 player files are built for ipods anyway"

Thanks for your input.

MattFoley3818d ago

I think MS is testing the waters in the portable arena. I wouldn't expect them to just come out with one all of a sudden.

I wonder how good of a game you can make with a 4 button control scheme.

A portable with the ability to make and share/sell games you create would be pretty sweet.

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