Atari founder says PlayStation an accident

Nolan Bushnell , founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese, looks to be a new member of the Microsoft Defense Force. In an interview with Red Herring, Bushnell took the time to trash the entire PlayStation brand, not just the PlayStation 3. While we can expect the SDF to come out swinging, Bushnell's comments leave even those of us sitting on the fence with raised eyebrows.

Bushnell is absolutely convinced the PS3 will fail ... and not just fail to reach the vaunted nine-digit milestone for the third time, but outright flop. Bushnell told Red Herring that "It would not surprise me if a year from now they'll be struggling to sell 1 million units ... I think in the the number of early adopters you have is actually around 300,000." Furthermore, he goes on to say the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were merely accidents, reaping rewards not by being the best, but by being in the right place at the right time.

The PlayStation did not succeed because Sony had a Field of Dreams moment; it was supported because developers loved how it was easier to develop than the cumbersome Saturn and consumers bought it because the software was far cheaper than the N64. My PlayStation didn't just fall off the shelf and into my shopping cart, I bought it for a reason. While it would take a fanatic to believe the PS3 will sell over 100 million units, thinking the PS3 will only sell one million units by this time next year -- and fail to sell out of the launch units -- is crazy

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BIadestarX4452d ago

May the flame begin!
I would have to defend Sony a bit on this one. Why is Atari making games for the PS3 then if this is true? Or maybe he is pissed because he thinks they will not get the ROI.

SjaakHaas4451d ago

This Atari founder sold his company years ago! ;)

zypher4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

as a gamer who cares about the politics behind everything; Sony are arrogant and overbearing, and Microsoft are sneaky and conniving. Nintendo's the only company that geniunely seems to care about making games for the fun of it. as a gamer who cares only about the games; Playstation offers the best and most, followed closely by XBox/360. the Wii? meh. save for Zelda and maybe Metroid, it doesn't have much that i want...oh wait, i forgot about all those classic games. still, not worth $250. ever heard of a thing called an opinion? good. so you know that they aren't factual, thus you don't have to slam me for offering mine.

peace for the day. gotta go pick up my copy of GOW from Best Buy. think i'll be around this joint after starting that game? yeah right.

JIN KAZAMA4452d ago

Lets not forget that your beloved system went straight to the ground. So please, we dont need your ideas about how to succeed. Stick to cheese pizzas.

NewZealander4452d ago

I find it hard to belive sony will only sell 1 mill by this time next year, im sure they will do alot better than that, but it would be sweet if that did happen, but it makes me think why r 3rd party game developers trashing the ps3 first ubisoft now atari.

kmis874452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Atari's never been that smart when it comes to the console business.

Compare the Jaguar to the original Playstation to see my point. All the systems Atari made were pretty terrible.

UrbanJabroni4452d ago

Because that is the only way I will forgive this.

"All the systems Atari made were pretty terrible."

Like Pong? Like the 2600?

The undisputed kings and creators of the video game business. These were the only 2 consoles Bushnell had anything to do with.

kmis874452d ago

I have played the Atari 2600 (my parents had one), and it's not so great. It was Atari's policies during the Atari 2600 era that almost destroyed the videogame industry during its infancy. Atari's games were terrible, and the hardware wasn't as good as some of the alternatives on the market. Add the ridiculous pricing of their videogames, and yes, I would say that Atari's videogame consoles sucked.

specialguest4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

what is your issue boy. why do you use the same old line again.

"are you 12?"

get your damn fact straight boy, the creator of video games is Ralph Baer. did you get a chance to read the other Bushnell post? Bushnell/Atari DID NOT invent Pong. Ralph Baer did yah ignorant bastard.

SjaakHaas4451d ago

Its not about Atari, but about its founder!

InMyOpinion4451d ago

I guess you don't know that the Atari 2600 sold 25 million units. Bushnell left Atari in 1978, so blaming him for the "systems" downfall is just stupid, as are you.

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