Duke Nukem Forever finally nearing the end

Duke Nukem Forever promised so much back when it was first announced that it was going to redefine the first-person genre just as the original had.

Let's face it, Duke is a cool guy with cool gadgets and big guns. What isn't there to like about him?

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FreeMonk5828d ago

I don't really care anymore. It's been in development now for nearly 10 years, probably even more, so graphicaly is can't be up to scratch, plus gameplay wise it will be poor compared to Crysis, Bioshock, Halo, Call or Duty etc.

I hold no hope for this whatsoever!

slugg5828d ago

Even when the other Duke Nukem games were out, I never liked them as much as Quake, Unreal, etc., but at that time FPS games were fairly few and far between. In today's saturated FPS market, can it compete with F.E.A.R., Far Cry, Half Life 2? Very doubtful, but we shall see. It has been in development for seven years, after all....

The BS Police5828d ago

I use to be a fan of this franchise but I got over it, I've been playing Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Halo and Halo 2 for the last 8 years!

Majunior5828d ago

give it a shot at least its comin out let the lost classics have one more moment of glory....

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