Best CPU For Gaming - 9 Processors and 8 Games Tested

HardwarePal : We decided to conduct thorough testing and try to establish an answer to this never ending dilemma: What is the Best CPU for Gaming ?

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Fishy Fingers1741d ago

Can't go wrong with either i5 or i7. But an OCed i5 will give you your best bang for your buck, even beating out the i7 occasionally (COD/Battlefield).

Shabutie131741d ago

Their results say otherwise. I personally have my 4670K at 4.5 and love it.

Fishy Fingers1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Their results are the basis for my comment. i5 averages higher frame rates in both COD and BF to name a few.

ABizzel11741d ago

@Fishy & Shabutie13

The i5-4670k is the best CPU for gaming now, but I would highly recommend you to be ready for games to start using more cores as engines are upgraded for this thanks to console development.

My recommendations:

Low: FX 8320 (same things as an 8350)
Mid: i7 4770k
High: Wait for Intel's next offerings, which are suppose to be 8 core CPU's, but 16 threads.

With any of those CPU's you won't have to upgrade your CPU for the next 4 - 5+ years. Also while the i5 4670k is amazing for gaming, it's only decent when it comes to multi-core / threading task such as rendering, music / video editing, etc..., and loses to the FX 8320 which also cost less. So if you want a future proof PC that functions as a workstation then these are the CPU's for you.

If you just want to game, the i5-4670 should be just fine for the most part.

Gamer19821741d ago

I love my 4670k and newer games are really taking advantage of it..

Magicite1741d ago

got 4770k, doesnt require OC to destroy everything.

tee_bag2421741d ago

Turn off Hyperthreading on the i7. Done

Murad1741d ago

Let's be honest, the 8320 is where it's at. OMG, Overclocked it to 5.2 D:. FYI, I'm kidding. A 8350 might compete with the i5 in terms of normal taskign, but never beat it.

Nafon1739d ago

Dont forget about power consumption and available features too. Despite beating the 8350 every or almost every time, the 4670k is almost half the wattage, and has an integrated GPU. Most gamers won't use the iGPU, but it's useful for adding extra monitors for productivity.

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Mister_Dawg1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I've just built a 'cheap' i3 4130 and 7870 Tahiti system for a friend. Its not the chip id have chosen, i5 'k' all the way, but its frame rock totally rocks for the price.

My sandybridge i5 2500k is clocked to 4.7GHz and smashes the ass off anything I throw at it.

Robotronfiend1741d ago

You should totally do the ad campaign for them. "Smash the ass off your games!"

hollabox1741d ago

Currently using my old but good I7 970, waiting until Intels next platform comes out with GDDR4 Ram and Octa Core processors.

tee_bag2421741d ago

GDDR4 is out now for server use. It's likely not to mainstream until 2015 now.

hollabox1741d ago

8 core GDDD4 enthusiasts grade Haswell E should be out later this year.

Nafon1739d ago

Dear god thank you. lol

For those who don't know: GDDR4 has already came and gone (GDDR5 is the standard atm). GDDR memory is high bandwidth video memory based on DDR memory. We will probably see GDDR6 memory as DDR4 becomes more common.

Volkama1741d ago

i7-3820 here, all the i7 goodness plus quad channel RAM. 4ghz on stock voltage. On water so lots more potential, but I simply don't need it. I'll be fine for years thanks to the weak CPUs sitting in our favourite consoles. Not sure that's a good thing though?

kainslayer1741d ago

as an i7 2600k @ 5ghz on air and a 780 owner ill go for sandybridge still it rocks and bangs and oc friendly

tee_bag2421741d ago

Nice CPU - one of a dying breed of true OCers.

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